[TYPES/announce] Two post. doc. positions - Tools and Methods for Scalable Software Verification

Lars Birkedal birkedal at itu.dk
Tue May 19 09:40:42 EDT 2009

We have two two-year post. doc. positions in our recently-funded
project on Tools and Methods for Scalable Software Verification at
the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The goals of the project are (A) to apply advances in separation logic 
to the specification and proof of programs in current languages, such as 
Java and C#, that combine references, shared state and destructive 
update; (B) to develop prototype software tools for formal specification 
and apply them in a substantial real-life case study; and (C) to give 
methodological advice on how to structure software so as to facilitate 
formal specification and proof.

Please see

for the official announcement.

Application deadline: June 15, 12:00.

[The project will, in part, be done in collaboration with
M. Parkinson (Univ. of Cambridge) and D. Distefano (Queen Mary,
Univ. of London).   The project is related to the ongoing
MoReaSo project at the IT University of Copenhagen (see 

Please contact Lars Birkedal (birkedal at itu.dk) or Peter Sestoft 
(sestoft at itu.dk) for more information.

Best wishes,

Lars Birkedal

Lars Birkedal
Professor, Head of Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group
IT University of Copenhagen
Web: http://www.itu.dk/people/birkedal
Phone: +45 7218 5280
Email: birkedal at itu.dk

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