[TYPES/announce] Two phase reviewing for POPL; a response

Vladimiro Sassone vs at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sat Jan 16 16:57:23 EST 2010

I wish to add to the discussion a brief marginal note on my experience with running ETAPS (www.etaps.org). ETAPS covers in five main parallel member conferences the aspects of design, engineering, programming, transformation and validation of software systems (and several more in about 20 satellite events).

We have about 600 submission, between 550-650 participants, presentations of 30 mins, and acceptance rate of around 25-28%, which we believe guarantees high quality whilst being reasonably inclusive. 

The reality is that this works pretty well, and I personally think it is time for ETAPS to consider about expanding itself further.

With best regards,
V. Sassone

(as chair of the ETAPS Steering Ctte)

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