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*The ICALP 2011 submission server is now open.
NEW: Student scholarships at ICALP 2011 (see below)*

ICALP 2011 - 2nd Call for Papers

The 38th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and
Programming (ICALP), the main conference and annual meeting of the
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS), will
take place from the 4th to the 8th of July 2011 in Zurich,
Switzerland. The main conference will be preceded by a series of
workshops, taking place on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011 (i.e., one day
before ICALP).

URL: http://icalp11.inf.ethz.ch/

Papers presenting original research on all aspects of theoretical
computer science are sought. Typical but not exclusive topics of
interest are:

Track A: Algorithms, Complexity and Games

Algorithmic Game Theory, Approximation Algorithms, Combinatorial
Optimization, Combinatorics in Computer Science, Computational
Biology, Computational Complexity, Computational Geometry,
Cryptography, Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms,
Machine Learning, Parallel, Distributed and External Memory Computing,
Randomness in Computation, Quantum Computing

Track B: Logic, Semantics, Automata and Theory of Programming

Algebraic and Categorical Models, Automata Theory, Formal Languages,
Emerging and Non-standard Models of Computation, Databases, Semi-Structured
Data and Finite Model Theory, Principles of
Programming Languages, Logics, Formal Methods and Model Checking, Models of
Concurrent, Distributed, and Mobile Systems, Models of Reactive, Hybrid and
Stochastic Systems, Program Analysis and Transformation, Specification,
Refinement and Verification, Type
Systems and Theory, Typed Calculi

Track C: Foundations of Networked Computation: Models, Algorithms and
Information Management

Algorithmic Aspects of Networks, E-commerce, Privacy, Spam, Formal
Methods for Network Information Management, Foundations of Trust and
Reputation in Networks, Algorithms and Models for Mobile and Wireless
Networks and Computation, Models of Complex Networks, Models and Algorithms
for Global Computing, Network Economics and Incentive-Based Computing
Related to Networks, Models and Algorithms for Networks of Low Capability
Devices, Overlay Networks and P2P Systems, Social Networks, Specification,
Semantics, Synchronization of Networked Systems, Theory of Security in
Networks and Distributed Computing, Web Searching and Ranking, Web Mining
and Analysis

Important Dates
* Submission Deadline: Feb 15, 2011
* Author Notification: Apr 12, 2011
* Final Manuscript Due: April 28, 2011

Submission Guidelines
Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract of no more than 12
pages in LNCS style presenting original research on the theory of
Computer Science. Submissions should indicate to which track (A, B, or
C) the paper is submitted. No prior publication or simultaneous
submission to other publication outlets (either a conference or a
journal) is allowed. The proceedings will be published in the Lecture
Notes in Computer Science Series by Springer-Verlag.

It is strongly recommended that submissions adhere to the specified
format and length. Submissions that are clearly too long may be
rejected immediately. Material other than the abstract, references and
the first 12 pages may be considered as supplementary and will be read
at the committee's discretion.

Best Paper Awards
As in previous editions of ICALP, there will be best paper and best
student paper awards for each track of the conference. In order to be
eligible for a best student paper award, a paper should be authored
only by students and should be marked as such upon submission.

Student Scholarships

EATCS (partly sponsored by MPI-INF) has provided ten 500-Euro student
scholarships.  The ten scholarships will be used to support
participation of students in ICALP 2011 by covering early registration
and possibly some of the local expenses.

To apply for one of these scholarships, please send an email to
 <icalp11 at inf.ethz.ch>. The application should be sent by April 19th,
2011, and should contain a motivation for the sponsorship request, one
letter of recommendation, the curriculum vitae of the applicant,
together with an indication of whether the applicant is an author or
co-author of one of the papers selected for the conference.

The applications will be reviewed by the ICALP 2011 conference chairs
and the PC chairs. Preference will be given to PhD students from
countries where access to funds is limited who will present papers at
the conference. Each applicant will receive a notification of
 acceptance/rejection of her/his application by email by April 30th,

Invited Speakers
Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania
Thore Husfeldt, IT University of Copenhagen
Catuscia Palamidessi, INRIA Saclay and LIX
Ronen Shaltiel, University of Haifa
Eva Tardos, Cornell University

Program Committees
Track A: Algorithms, Complexity and Games

Nikhil Bansal, Harry Buhrman, Marek Chrobak, Martin Dietzfelbinger,
Thomas Erlebach, Fedor V. Fomin, Dimitris Fotakis, Ricard Gavalda,
Russell Impagliazzo, Juhani Karhumaeki, Howard Karloff, Michal Koucky,
Dariusz Kowalski, Stefano Leonardi, Gonzalo Navarro, Rolf Niedermeier,
Rafail Ostrovsky, Guenter Rote, Christian Scheideler, Maria Serna, Jiri
Sgall (chair), Gabor Tardos, Jan Vondrak, Uli Wagner,
Prudence W. H. Wong

Track B: Logic, Semantics, Automata and Theory of Programming

Luca Aceto (chair), Anuj Dawar, Rocco De Nicola, Zoltan Esik,
Wan Fokkink, Herman Geuvers, Radha Jagadeesan, Jarkko Kari,
Joost-Pieter Katoen, Orna Kupferman, Francois Laroussinie,
Carroll Morgan, Anca Muscholl, Hanne Riis Nielson, Prakash Panangaden,
Joachim Parrow, Reinhard Pichler, Roberto Segala, Helmut Seidl, Alex
Simpson, Pawel Urzyczyn

Track C: Foundations of Networked Computation: Models, Algorithms and
Information Management

Gilles Barthes, Andras Benczur, Edith Cohen, Joan Feigenbaum,
Amos Fiat, Lisa Fleischer, Georg Gottlob, Monika Henzinger (chair),
Bruce Maggs, Massimo Merro, Vahab Mirrokni, Alessandro Panconesi,
Giuseppe Persiano, Anna Philippou, Davide Sangiorgi,
Vladimiro Sassone, Andrew Tomkins, Dorothea Wagner, Roger Wattenhofer,
Ingmar Weber

Conference Chairs
Michael Hoffmann, Juraj Hromkovic, Ueli Maurer, Angelika Steger, Emo Welzl,
Peter Widmayer
Contact: <icalp11 at inf.ethz.ch>
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