[TYPES/announce] Post-Doc position in the CerCo FET-Open EU Project

Claudio Sacerdoti Coen sacerdot at cs.unibo.it
Wed Jan 26 11:28:05 EST 2011

=== New Post-Doc position in the CerCo FET-Open EU Project ===

** Approximate period: 01/06/2011-30/05/2013 (two years)
** Deadline for submission of candidatures: 21/02/2011

We are currently looking for a Post-Doc position at the Department of
Computer Science, University of Bologna, to work on the CerCo FET-Open
EU Project (see description below). The gross salary is 36000 euros per
year. The University of Bologna is the oldest western university and the
Department of Computer Science (http://www.cs.unibo.it/en/), located in
the historic city center, has strong expertise in theoretical computer
science and logic and it participates to several national and
international projects. The Post-Doc will join the HELM team, leaded by
Prof. Asperti, whose members work in the domains of Type Theory and
Mathematical Knowledge Management. The CerCo project is headed by
Dr. Sacerdoti Coen. The candidate will benefit from exchange opportunity
with the other project participants (University Paris-Diderot, Paris,
and University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh). The candidate will not have any
teaching duties.


We are looking for candidates with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and
previous experience in either Type Theory (in particular Interactive
Theorem Proving) or Compiler Development, and being proficient in
functional programming languages. Candidates that are gonna defend their
Ph.D. thesis before June 2011 will also be considered.

Starting date:

The proposed starting date is the 01/06/2011. The contract is for two
years. The candidate should contact sacerdot at cs.unibo.it for further

Project description:

The CerCo FET-Open EU Project is aimed at producing the first _formally_
_verified_ _complexity_preserving_ compiler for a subset of C to the
object code for a microprocessor used in embedded systems. The output of
the compilation process will be the object code and a copy of the source
code annotated with _exact_ computational complexities for each program
slice in O(1). The exact computational complexities (expressed in clock
cycles and parametric in the program input) can then be used to formally
reason on the overall code complexity. The source code of the compiler
will be formally verified using the Matita Interactive Theorem Prover
(http://matita.cs.unibo.it), based on a variant of the Calculus of
(Co)Inductive Constructions. The candidate will contribute to the formal
proof of correctness of the compiler.

How to submit candidatures:

All candidates are invited to get in touch in advance with Dr. Claudio
Sacerdoti Coen <sacerdot at cs.unibo.it>, submitting a curriculum vitae.

The official candidature must be received by standard mail (no
electronic submission) the 21/02/2011. Candidates must fill in the forms
(in Italian only) that can be found at the following address:


Foreign candidates will be helped in compiling the forms.

					Kind regards,

Real name: Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
Doctor in Computer Science, University of Bologna
E-mail: sacerdot at cs.unibo.it

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