[TYPES/announce] Call for participation DICE 2011

Jean-Yves Marion Jean-Yves.Marion at loria.fr
Tue Feb 8 03:33:14 EST 2011


                Second International  Workshop on
  Developments in Implicit Computational complExity
                        (DICE 2011)


      April, 2nd-3rd, Saarbrücken, Germany
              as part of ETAPS 2011

To register for DICE 2011, follow the link from the ETAPS 2011 
(Early registration by Feb. 11th)

April, 2nd (Saturday)
9h30-10h30     : Daniel Leivant (Invited Talk) TBA

10h30-11h        : Coffee break

11h-11H45       : Maurizio Dominici and Simona Ronchi della Rocca. Evaluation in Resource lambda Calculus
11h45-12h30   : Lucien Capdevielle. A type system for PSPACE derived from light linear logic

12h30-14h        : Lunch break

14h-15h             : Ricardo Pena (Invited Talk) TBA
15h-16h             : Amir Ben-Amram and Michael Vainer. Complexity Analysis of Size-Change Terminating Programs (extended abstract)
                           : Marco Gaboardi. Realizability Models for Cost-Preserving Compiler Correctness (Extended Abstract)

16h-16h30        : Coffee break

16h30-17h15   : Jean-Yves Moyen and Ryma Metnani. Equivalence between the mwp and Quasi-Interpretation analysis
17h15-18h        : Clément Aubert. Sublogarithmic uniform Boolean proof nets

April 3rd (Saturday)
9h30-10h30      : Martin Hofmann (Invited Talk) TBA

10h30-11h        : Coffee break

11h-11h45        : Daniel Leivant and Ramyaa Ramyaa. Implicit complexity for coinductive data: a characterization of corecurrence
11h45-12h30   : Evgeny Makarov. Another characterization of provably recursive functions

12h30-14h        : Lunch break

14h-16h             : Aloïs Brunel. Light forcing, Krivine's classical realizability and the timeout effect (Extended Abstract)
                           : Tobias Heindel. On the Complexity of Process Behaviours (Extended Abstract)
                           : Patrick Baillot. On Elementary Linear Logic and polynomial time (Extended Abstract)
	                    : Jesse Alama, Patrícia Engrácia, Reinhard Kahle and Isabel Oitavem. Induction schemes for complexity classes in applicative theories
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