[TYPES/announce] 4th Scottish Category Theory Seminar

Alex Simpson Alex.Simpson at ed.ac.uk
Mon Apr 11 04:34:52 EDT 2011

Contributed talks on category theory and type theory would be welcome at
the meeting below



***  School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow  ***
***  Friday 13 May 2011, 2.00-5.30pm  ***

The Scottish Category Theory Seminar brings together the diverse groups of
people interested in the many aspects of category theory.  For our fourth
meeting we give you:


Eugenia Cheng (Sheffield) - "Distributive laws for Lawvere theories"
Bruno Vallette (Nice/Max Planck) - To be announced.


Submissions are invited for two 25-minute contributed talks.  If you would
like to give one, please send us a title and abstract soon.

If you intend to come, it would be helpful (but is not essential) to send
us a short email saying so.

Information: http://www.maths.gla.ac.uk/~tl/sct110513.html
Contact:     scotcats at cis.strath.ac.uk

We are generously supported by the Glasgow Mathematical Journal Trust.

Tom Leinster
(for the organizers: Neil Ghani, TL, Alex Simpson)

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