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                                                   IM-CPS: International Symposium on
                                       Interdisciplinary Modelling of Cyber-Physical Systems

                                                   FoRMA: Tutorial Workshop on
                                             Formal and Resilient Methods in Aerospace

                                                            25-28 May 2011

                                                        University of Manchester

                                                 Part of MaDe: Manchester Dependability Week




The Centre for Interdisciplinary Computational and Dynamical Analysis - CICADA

Co-Chairs: Manuela Bujorianu, Jonathan Shapiro
MaDe General Chair: Dave Broomhead

Cyber-physical systems are a facet of the contemporary holistic trend in engineering and technology. These constitute a class of applications 
where behaviours are characterized by a non-trivial interaction between physics and computation. Moreover, systems are considered in their 
deployment context, for example in networking or multi-agent situations. The mathematical modelling of cyber-physical systems is complex, and 
its core is based on the so-called hybrid systems, a class of mathematical models based on combinations of discrete and continuous mathematics. 
There are several classes of models and techniques of hybrid systems, commonly grouped under the names of hybrid automata, hybrid control 
systems and hybrid dynamical systems. The second edition of IM-CPS will bring together researchers from academia and industry with expertise 
relevant to cyber-physical systems. IM-CPS is a forum that facilitates the interactions between various disciplines like applied mathematics, 
computer science, control theories and other branches of engineering. Promoting inter-disciplinary research is a major objective of IM-CPS. 
Some priority topics include hybrid discrete/continuous mathematical models, embedded systems, stochastic hybrid systems, 
 symbolic verification, stochastic modelling and model checking, aerospace applications.

The registration can be done online at


or by contacting Helen Harper (Helen.Harper at manchester.ac.uk), with whom any further aspects can be discussed.

Lunches and beverages will be served on the site. The registration fee is kept to a minimum, which covers the very basic costs.
The PhD students may apply for fee waiving.
The number of available places is limited, therefore book your participation in time.



•  Mike Hinchey  (Lero, Ireland)

   `` Self-Managed Software” 

•  Rafael Wisniewski and Christoffer Sloth  (Aalburg University, Denmark)

   `` Discrete Abstractions of Mechanical Systems” 

•  Pieter Mosterman (The MathWorks US and McGill University, Canada) and Justyna Zander (Harvard University, US) 

   ``A Model of Time to Characterize a Computational Framework for the Design of Cyber-Physical Systems"

•  Peter Harman (DeltaTheta UK Limited)

   "Modelica simulation and non-simulation applications in engineering"


• Richard Banach (University of Manchester, UK)

   ``Formal Control System Design across the Continuous/Discrete Modeling Interface: A Simple Train Stopping Application”

• Howard Barringer (University of Manchester, UK)

   ``Modelling of Supervised Component-based Systems“

• Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti, Marco Roveri (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trento, Italy)

   ``A Model-Based Approach to the Synthesis of FDIR for Aerospace Systems”

• John Brooke (University of Manchester, UK)

   ``Parameterization and control of cyber-physical systems”

• Marius Bujorianu (University of Manchester, UK)

   "A Stochastic Hybrid Model for Massively Parallel Systems”

• Clare Dixon (University of Liverpool, UK)

   ``Towards Verifying Emergent Properties of Robot Swarms"

• Michael Fisher (University of Liverpool, UK)

    ``Autonomy Verification"

• Steve Furber (University of Manchester, UK)

   "Real-Time Brain Modelling with Massively-Parallel Embedded Processors"

• Antoine Girard (Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, FR)

   ``Symbolic Approaches to Control via Approximate Bisimulations"

• Tingting Han (University of Oxford, UK)

   ``Model Checking CTMC Against Timed-Automata Specifications``

• Agung Julius (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US)

   ``Control Synthesis Using Video Games"

• Joost-Pieter Katoen (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

   ``Observing Markov Chain Behaviour by Timed Automata"

• Margarita Korovina (University of Manchester, UK)

   ``Reachability In One-Dimensional Controlled Polynomial Dynamical Systems”

• Alexandru Mereacre (University of Oxford, UK)

   ``Quantitative Automata Model Checking of Autonomous Stochastic Hybrid Systems"

• John Moriarty (University of Manchester, UK)

   ``Hysteretic Regime Switching Diffusions, And Applications In The Theory Of Real Options”

• Anna Philippou (Technical University of Cyprus)

   ``A Process-Algebraic Approach To Hierarchical Scheduling"

• William Parnell (University of Manchester, UK)

   ``Smart Materials For Acoustic And Elastic Wave Filtering“

• Giordano Pola University of l’Aquila, Italy

   ``Symbolic Controller Design for Continuous Systems"

• Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari (Linköping University Sweden)

   ``Modelica and OpenModelica–its Open Source Environment”

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