[TYPES/announce] CFP: RACORE 2011 - Resource Adaptive Compilation and Runtime Environments

Clemens Grelck c.grelck at uva.nl
Wed May 4 09:09:24 EDT 2011


        Resource Adaptive Compilation and Runtime Environments


         A mini-symposium held in conjunction with ParCo2011

                      Ghent University, Belgium
                      30 August - September 2011

RACORE2011 is a mini-symposium organized in conjunction with the
Parallel Computing conference ParCo2011, to be held in Ghent, Belgium
on 30 August - 2 September 2011.


The computing landscape is diversifying. On most computing platforms,
the number and properties of available computing resources differ,
both over space and over time. Space heterogeneity arises in commodity
hardware from diverse core counts and combinations of CPUs with
companion processors like GPGPUs, streaming units as in IBM's Cell
processor or specialised hardware. Time heterogeneity arises from
frequency scaling, hardware faults, and dynamic addition or removal of
hardware components. Deploying software to such diverse targets
inevitably needs to factor in resource adaptability, especially at

The RACORE symposium addresses dynamic adaptation of programs and
operating systems to changes in resource availability at run time,
either when applications are started or during their execution. We
foresee adaptation ranging from, but not limited to, changes to the
mapping of computation to resources, adjusting the level of exhibited
concurrency, reacting to energy constraints, possibly down to hardware

We solicit papers on all aspects of dynamic adaptation to resource
constraints. Topics include but are not limited to:

- adaptive mapping of applications to resources (e.g. the set of
  applications or the set of resources evolves over time)
- dynamically adapting code / just-in-time compilation
- adaptation of program concurrency at run-time
- dynamic trade-offs for resource consumption (e.g. cores vs. memory)
- adaptation to comply with energy budgets
- dynamically evolving computation resources
- dynamically evolving input/output requirements or channel properties


Authors are invited to submit a full paper (up to 8 pages) or an
extended abstract (at least 2 pages) using the EasyChair submission
system. Details regarding the format and other author guidelines are
given on the submission page. Deadline for the submission is 15
June 2011.

More information:


Organizing committee:

- Raphael Poss, University of Amsterdam. NL
- Frank Penczek,  University of Hertfordshire, UK
- Stephan Herhut, Intel, USA
- Clemens Grelck, University of Amsterdam, NL
- Sven-Bodo Scholz, University of Hertfordshire, UK
- Chris Jesshope, University of Amsterdam, NL

Program committee:

- Chris Jesshope, University of Amsterdam, NL
- Clemens Grelck, University of Amsterdam, NL
- Sven-Bodo Scholz, University of Hertfordshire, UK
- Alex Shafarenko, University of Hertfordshire, UK
- Mats Brorsson, KTH Sweden
- Albert Cohen, INRIA France
- Benedict Gaster, AMD USA
- James P. Held, Intel, USA
- Stephan Herhut, Intel, USA
- Brad Chamberlain, Cray, USA
- John Reppy, University of Chicago, USA
- Lei Zhang, ICT, CAS, China

Important dates:

- June 15th: Deadline for submission
- July 22nd: Notification of acceptance
- August 22nd: Final papers due
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