[TYPES/announce] TFP 2011: Call for participation (May 16th-18th)

Ricardo Peña ricardo at sip.ucm.es
Thu May 5 04:42:28 EDT 2011

                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
                 12th International Symposium
              Trends in Functional Programming 2011
                         Madrid, Spain
                        May 16-18, 2011

 About TFP 2011

The symposium on Trends in Functional Programming (TFP) is an international
forum for researchers with interests in all aspects of functional
programming, taking a broad view of current and future trends in the area.
It aspires to be a lively environment for presenting the latest research
results, and other contributions.

TFP 2011 will be held in Madrid (Spain), on May 16th-18th, in the premises
of the Computer Science Faculty of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
one of the biggest universities in Europe (85.000 students).

A visit to Toledo, (a well preserved Middle Age city, capital of Spain in
the XVI century), is foreseen in the social program.

Immediately after TFP 2011, the 2nd International Workshop on Foundational
and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis (FOPARA 2011)
(http://dalila.sip.ucm.es/fopara11/) will be held in the same location.


Registration on-line is possible at

 Invited talk

Neil Mitchell
Finding functions from types

 Accepted papers

Thomas Schilling.
Constraint-free Type Error Slicing.

Adam Gundry.
Type Inference for Units of Measure.

Julien Signoles.
An OCaml Library for Dynamic Typing.

Vladimir Komendantsky.
Subtyping by folding an inductive relation into a coinductive one.

Maria Christakis, Konstantinos Sagonas.
Static Detection of Deadlocks in Erlang.

Attila Gobi, Olha Shkaravska, Marko Van Eekelen.
Size Analysis of Higher-Order Functions.

Stefan Holdermans, Jurriaan Hage.
Refinement Types for Pattern-match Analysis.

Edwin Brady.
Epic --- A Library for Generating Compilers.

Laurence E. Day, Graham Hutton.
Towards Modular Compilers for Effects.

Jocelyn Serot, Greg Michaelson.
Compiling Hume down to gates.

Jean-Christophe Filliatre, K. Kalyanasundaram.
Functory: A Distributed Computing Library for Objective Caml.

Barnabas Kralik, Viktoria Zsok, Zoltan Istenes.
An Application of D-Clean Distributed Functional Programming
  for the Navigation of Robots.

Jost Berthold, Ken Friis Larsen, Fritz Henglein, Andrzej Filinski,
  Mogens Steffensen, Brian Vinter.
Functional High Performance Financial IT - The HIPERFIT
  Research Center in Copenhagen.

Mustafa Aswad, Phil. W. Trinder, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl.
Architecture Aware Parallel Programming in  Glasgow Parallel Haskell (GPH).

Christopher Brown, Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Kevin Hammond.
Refactoring Parallel Haskell Programs.

Silvia Clerici, Cristina Zoltan.
Exploiting  Parallelism by Customizing Evaluation.

Michael Lesniak.
Thread-safe Priority Queues in Haskell based on Skiplists.

Milan Straka.
Adams' Trees Revisited - Correct and Efficient Implementation.

Marco T. Morazan.
The Time of Space Invaders Will Come to Pass: A Video Game Journey
  from Structural Recursion to Accumulative Recursion in CS1.

Jeroen Henrix, Rinus Plasmeijer, Peter Achten.
GiN: a graphical language and tool for defining iTask workflows.

Pieter Koopman, Rinus Plasmeijer.
Effective Test Set Generation.

Gergely Devai.
Restricted Function Patterns.

German Andres Delbianco, Mauro Jaskelioff, Alberto Pardo.
Applicative Shortcut Fusion.

Christoph Herrmann, Edwin Brady, Kevin Hammond.
Dependently-typed Programming by Composition from Functional
  Building Blocks.

 TFP 2011 organization  

 Symposium Organization Chair: Ricardo Pe~na


Computer Science Faculty, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

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