[TYPES/announce] DTP 2011: Second call for talks

Wouter Swierstra icfp.publicity at googlemail.com
Tue May 31 04:42:58 EDT 2011

       Dependently Typed Programming 2011
                    Call for Papers

                   27 of August 2011
               Nijmegen, The Netherland
              In association with ITP 2011

        Deadline for submission: 10 June 2011

Dependently typed programming is here today: where will it go
tomorrow? On the one hand, dependent type theories have grown
programming languages; on the other hand, the type systems of
programming languages like Haskell (and even C#) are incorporating
some kinds of type-level data.

When types involve data, they can capture relationships between data,
internalising invariants necessary for appropriate computation. When
data describe types, we can express patterns of programming in
code. We're beginning to see how to take advantage of the power and
precision which dependent types afford, but there are still plenty of
problems to address and issues to resolve. The design space is large:
this workshop is a forum for researchers who are exploring it.

We hope that the workshop will attract people who work on the
design and implementation of dependently typed programming languages
and development environments, or who are using existing systems to
develop dependently typed programs and libraries.

* Submissions *

If you want to give a talk or a demo at the workshop,
please send us a title and an abstract before 10 June 2011 to
w.swierstra{at}cs.ru.nl. Slots will be of 30 minutes (unless you ask for
less). We will try to fit as many talks as possible.

We aim to publish post-proceedings containing refereed papers related
to the topic of the workshop in a suitable journal. More information
about this will come after the workshop.

* Important Dates *

 10 June 2011: Submission deadline
 25 June 2011: Notification of acceptance
 27 August 2011: DTP workshop

* Program Committee *

 Ana Bove, Chalmers, Sweden
 Matthieu Sozeau, INRIA, France
 Wouter Swierstra, Radboud University, The Netherlands

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