[TYPES/announce] Call for participation: DTP 2011

Wouter Swierstra w.swierstra at cs.ru.nl
Fri Jul 8 09:04:18 EDT 2011

           Dependently Typed Programming 2011
                Call for Participation

                  27 of August 2011
              Nijmegen, The Netherland
             In association with ITP 2011

Please consider registering for DTP 2011:


Note that early bird registration is only open till July 15th.

The preliminary program is now available from


Invited Talk:
Edwin Brady, "Systems Programming with Dependent Types"

Contributed Talks:
Bob Atkey, "Reifying Parametricity"
Steven Keuchel, "Generic Programming with Binders and Scope"
Josh Ko, "Modularising Inductive Families"
Pedro Magalhaes, "Formally Comparing Approaches to Datatype-generic
Programming, using Agda"
Conor McBride, "Crude but Effective Stratification"
Duckki Oe, "versat: A Verified Modern SAT Solver"
Brigitte Pientka, "Covering all Bases: Design and Implementation of a
Coverage Checker for Contextual Objects"
Venanzio Capretta, "The Polymorphic Representation of Induction-recursion"
Kai Trojahner, "Qube: Array Programming with Dependent Types"
Cezar Ionescu, "Dependently-typed Programming in Economic Modelling"

See you in Nijmegen,

 Ana Bove, Chalmers, Sweden
 Matthieu Sozeau, INRIA, France
 Wouter Swierstra, Radboud University, The Netherlands

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