[TYPES/announce] ML Workshop: register early by August 15

Chung-chieh Shan ccshan at post.harvard.edu
Sat Aug 13 11:00:57 EDT 2011

ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML
Sunday, 18 September 2011, Tokyo, Japan (co-located with ICFP)

			* Early Registration deadline is August 15! *

The ML family of programming languages includes dialects known as
Standard ML, Objective Caml, and F#.  These languages have inspired
a large amount of computer-science research, both practical and
theoretical.  This workshop aims to provide a forum for discussion and
research on ML and related technology (higher-order, typed, or strict

The format of ML 2011 will continue the return in 2010 to a more
informal model: a workshop with presentations selected from submitted
abstracts.  Presenters will be invited to submit working notes, source
code, and extended papers for distribution to the attendees, but the
workshop will not publish proceedings, so any contributions may be
submitted for publication elsewhere.  We hope that this format will
encourage the presentation of exciting (if unpolished) research and
deliver a lively workshop atmosphere.


    Naoki Kobayashi (Tohoku University)

    Atsushi Ohori (Tohoku University)


    Efficiently scrapping boilerplate code in OCaml
    Dmitri Boulytchev, Sergey Mechtaev

    Implementing implicit self-adjusting computation (short talk)
    Yan Chen, Joshua Dunfield, Matthew A. Hammer, Umut A. Acar

    Lightweight typed customizable unmarshaling
    Pascal Cuoq, Damien Doligez, Julien Signoles

    Adding GADTs to OCaml: the direct approach
    Jacques Garrigue, Jacques Le Normand

    A demo of Coco: a compiler of monadic coercions in ML (short talk)
    Nataliya Guts, Michael Hicks, Nikhil Swamy, Daan Leijen

    Verifying liveness properties of ML programs
    M. M. Lester, R. P. Neatherway, C.-H. L. Ong, S. J. Ramsay

    MixML remixed
    Andreas Rossberg, Derek Dreyer

    Report on OCaml type debugger
    Kanae Tsushima, Kenichi Asai

    Camomile: a Unicode library for OCaml (short talk)
    Yoriyuki Yamagata


    Amal Ahmed (Indiana University)
    Andrew Tolmach (Portland State University)
    Anil Madhavapeddy (University of Cambridge)
    Chung-chieh Shan (chair)
    Joshua Dunfield (Max Planck Institute for Software Systems)
    Julia Lawall (University of Copenhagen)
    Keisuke Nakano (University of Electro-Communications)
    Martin Elsman (SimCorp)
    Walid Taha (Halmstad University)


    Eijiro Sumii (chair) (Tohoku University)
    Andreas Rossberg (Google)
    Jacques Garrigue (Nagoya University)
    Matthew Fluet (Rochester Institute of Technology)
    Robert Harper (Carnegie Mellon University)
    Yaron Minsky (Jane Street)

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