[TYPES/announce] 2nd CFP: Special Journal Issue on Behavioural Types

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MSCS special issue on Behavioural Types: 2nd call for papers

In sequential computational settings, since they were proposed, types
have been interpreted as predicates, i.e., abstract behavioural
specifications of a program. In the context of object-oriented
programming, types are used to statically guarantee semantic
interoperability, capturing behavioural aspects of the specified
systems. In the context of polymorphic functional languages, effect
system, extending type systems to statically describe the dynamic
behaviour of a computation (its effect), are used to control resource
usage, such as memory manipulation. When such languages are
concurrent, effects resemble processes, and the effect system is akin
to a labelled transition system.

Process calculi are useful to statically describe, reason about, and
discipline the dynamic behaviour of open, concurrent, and distributed
systems, as they provide a language with rigorous semantics, allowing
the proof of relevant properties. Moreover, such calculi are equipped
with a large tool box of proof methods and theoretical results. Ideas,
concepts, and techniques from lambda-calculi and from process calculi
have been successfully applied to the study of behavioural properties
of such systems, and of type systems for concurrent (functional and/or
object-oriented) languages.

Behavioural type systems in general, and in particular those based on
typestate, are attracting a lot of attention as they are able to
ensure more than the usual safety guarantees of static analysis. On
one hand they provide a specification language to describe the dynamic
behaviour of the components. On the other hand, the type systems
guarantee a wide range of properties, from protocol compatibility, to
resource-usage analysis, to deadlock-freedom and race-freedom.

We invite prospective authors to submit to a special issue of the
journal Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (MSCS)


on the theme "Behavioural Types for Object-Oriented, Concurrent and/or
Distributed Systems".

Expressions of interest, including a preliminary title, abstract, and
list of authors, should be sent to us no later than September 19th,
2011. Full submissions should be sent to us no later than November
28th, 2011.

The editors of the special issue,

Simon Gay (Univ. of Glasgow, U.K., Simon.Gay at glasgow.ac.uk<mailto:Simon.Gay at glasgow.ac.uk>) and
António Ravara (New Univ. of Lisbon, Portugal, aravara at fct.unl.pt<mailto:aravara at fct.unl.pt>)

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