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The fundamental turn of software into concurrency and distribution is not only a matter of performance, but also of design and abstraction, calling for programming paradigms that would allow more naturally than the current ones to think, design, develop, execute, debug and profile programs exhibiting different degrees of concurrency, reactiveness, autonomy, decentralization of control, distribution. This workshop aims at exploring programming approaches explicitly providing a level of abstraction based on agents and actors (and systems of agents and actors). The objective of the workshop is then to foster the research in all aspects of agent-oriented programming and actor-oriented programming as evolution of mainstream paradigms (such as OOP), including the theory and the practice of design and programming, bringing together researchers working on the models, languages and technologies, and practitioners developing real-world systems and applications.

Portland, Oregon, USA, 24 October 2011
During the workshop days of SPLASH

The programme is available on the workshop website: 

You can follow the pre-workshop discussion on the AGERE! @ SPLASH forum: 

Programme highlights:

- An invited talk: 
 "Everything You Know (About Parallel Programming) is Wrong!: A Wild Screed About the Future"
 David Ungar (IBM Research, US)
 joint invited talk with the DLS symposium (http://www.dynamic-languages-symposium.org/dls-11/index.html)

- An introductory talk:
 "Actors and Agents as Programming Paradigms - An Overview"
 Gul Agha (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)
 Alessandro Ricci (University of Bologna, Italy)

- Panel (the list of panelists is partial):
 "Actors and Agents as Programming Paradigms - Next"
 Gul Agha (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US)
 Mark Miller (Google, US)
 Alessandro Ricci (University of Bologna, Italy)

Accepted papers:

* Behavioral Programming, Decentralized Control, and Multiple Time Scales
 David Harel, Assaf Marron, Guy Wiener and Gera Weiss - Weizmann Institute of Science, Ben Gurion University
* AF-Raf: An Agent-Oriented Programming Language with Algebraic Data Types
 Claudia Grigore and Rem Collier - University College Dublin
* Cloudscape: Language Support to Coordinate and Control Distributed Applications in the Cloud
 Andi Bejleri, Andrew Farrell and Patrick Goldsack - Imperial College London, HP Labs, Bristol
* An Agent Framework for Agent Societies
 Kyle Usbeck and Jacob Beal - BBN Technologies
* Higher-Order Contracts for Actor Based Languages
 Christophe Scholliers, Wolfgang De Meuter and Eric Tanter - Vrije Universiteit Brussel, PLEIAD Laboratory
* A Feature Model of Actor, Agent, and Object Programming Languages
 Howell Jordan, Goetz Botterweck, Marc-Philippe Huget and Rem Collier - Lero, University College Dublin, Lero, University of Limerick, University of Savoie, UCD
* Designing a General-Purpose Programming Language based on Agent-Oriented Abstractions: The simpAL Project
 Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Sant 
* No More Design Patterns for Multi-Agent Systems
 Mario Henrique Cruz Torres, Tony Van Beers, Tom Holvoet
* Potential of Agent Technology in the domain of Health Information Systems
 Aldo Franco Dragoni
* Integrating Jason in a Multi-Agent Platform with support for Interaction Protocols
 Bexy Alfonso, Emilio Vivancos, Vicent Botti and Ana García-Fornes

Accepted demos:

* AmbientTalk: Modern Actors for Modern Networks
 Tom Van Cutsem - Vrije Universiteit Brussel
* Exploiting Intelligent Agent-Based Technologies for Programming Smart Mobile Applications
 Andrea Santi and Alessandro Ricci - University of Bologna
* The GMF-based Syntax Tool of a DSML for the Semantic Web enabled Multi-Agent Systems
 Sinem Getir, Sebla Demirkol, Moharram Challenger and Geylani Kardas - Ege University International Computer Institute, Turkey
* Exploiting the JaCaMo Framework for Realising an Adaptive Room Governance Application
 Alexandru Sorici, Olivier Boissier, Gauthier Picard and Andrea Santi

The full schedule is available here:  

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