[TYPES/announce] PhD positions at Aalborg University

Kim G. Larsen kgl at cs.aau.dk
Fri Oct 21 02:40:04 EDT 2011

CISS, Aalborg,  Denmark - Several PhD positions

The IDEA4CPS center (www.idea4cps.dk) is a newly established
Danish-Chinese basic research center on the foundations of
cyber-physical systems. The center will research and develop
mathematically well-founded and coherent models, methods, and tools that
may serve as the foundation of a model-driven design methodology for
cyber-physical systems. In order to pursue this goal, we seek several
PhD applicants within the following research themes:

• Specification and modeling formalisms with special focus on
resource-aware formalisms.

• Validation and analysis techniques with special emphasis on e.g.
refinement and abstraction, quantitative analysis or model based testing
and model learning.

• Compositionality with emphasis on components and interfaces for resources.

The ideal applicants have both a theoretical background as well as an
interest in exploiting the results into algorithms, tools, and
applications on selected industrial cases.

The center is a joint initiative funded by basic research organizations
in Denmark and China, and it involves two partners in each country. This
means that international collaboration will be a major theme of the
research within the center.

Interested candidates may send further questions and a short statement
of research interests (possibly with a short CV) to the Danish Principal
Investigator Kim Guldstrand Larsen (kgl at cs.aau.dk) or work package
leader Arne Skou (ask at cs.aau.dk) before November 15, 2011.
Kim G. Larsen                     Email:            kgl at cs.aau.dk
Director, CISS                    URL:         www.cs.aau.dk/~kgl
Professor, Computer Science       Mobile:            +45 22171159
Aalborg University                Phone:             +45 99408893
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