[TYPES/announce] PADL 2012 Call for Participation

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Mon Nov 28 04:35:23 EST 2011

Call for Participation

                  14th International Symposium on 
      Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL 2012)


         Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, January 23-24, 2012
                    Co-located with ACM POPL'12
You are cordially invited to PADL'12. PADL is a forum for researchers
and practitioners to present original work emphasizing novel
applications and implementation techniques for all forms of
declarative concepts, including functional, logic and
constraints. PADL'12 is sponsored by Association for Logic Programming
with cooperation of ACM SIGPLAN and support by Microsoft Research.

To register for PADL'12, please follow the instructions at:


The early registration deadline is December 24, 2011. The registration
fee will cover a copy of the symposium proceedings, refreshments, and
an informal dinner.

Hotel Information

PADL will be co-located with POPL at the Sheraton Society Hill Hotel
in Philadelphia.  Please visit POPL's web site to make reservations at
the special conference rate.


The symposium will include invited talks by Boon Thau Loo and Don
Stewart, and 19 technical papers selected from 41 submissions.

The preliminary program is as follows:

Invited Talk (9:00-10:00)

    * Boon Thau Loo
      Recent Advances in Declarative Networking 

Break (10:00-10:30)
Session 1: Applications (10:30-12:00)

    * Mayer Goldberg and Guy Wiener
      A Declarative Approach for Software Modeling 
    * Sergio Antoy and Michael Hanus
      Contracts and Specifications for Functional Logic Programming 
    * Pedro M. Martins, Julie A. McCann and Susan Eisenbach
      The Environment as an Argument 

Lunch (not provided) (12:00-13:30)
Session 2: Logic Programming (13:30-15:30)

    * Yuliya Lierler, Shaden Smith, Mirek Truszczynski and Alex Westlund
      Weighted-Sequence Problem: ASP vs CASP and Declarative vs Problem-Oriented Solving 
    * Marcello Balduccini and Yuliya Lierler
      Practical and Methodological Aspects of the Use of Cutting-Edge ASP Tools 
    * Christian Theil Have and Henning Christiansen
      Efficient tabling of structured data using indexing and program transformation 
    * Dario Campagna, Beata Sarna-Starosta and Tom Schrijvers
      Optimizing Inequality Joins in Datalog with Approximated Constraint Propagation 

Break (15:30-16:00)
Session 3: Parallelism and Concurrency (16:00-17:30)

    * Elvira Albert, Puri Arenas and Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa
      Symbolic Execution of Concurrent Objects in CLP 
    * Pablo Chico De Guzmán, Amadeo Casas, Manuel Carro and Manuel Hermenegildo
      A Segment-Swapping Approach for Executing Trapped Computations 
    * Michael Lesniak
      Palovca: Describing and Executing Graph Algorithms in Haskell 

Informal PADL Dinner (Place: TBA)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
Breakfast (8:00-9:00)
Invited Talk (9:00-10:00)

    * Don Stewart
      Make Things Now! Pragmatic Functional Programming in Haskell 

Break (10:00-10:30)
Session 4: Domain Specific Languages I (10:30-12:00)

    * Kenny Zhu, Kathleen Fisher and David Walker
      LearnPADS++: Incremental Inference of Ad Hoc Data Formats 
    * Jeroen Bransen, Arie Middelkoop, Atze Dijkstra and S. Doaitse Swierstra
      The Kennedy-Warren algorithm revisited: ordering Attribute Grammars 
    * Nicholas Coleman
      Distributed Policy Specification and Interpretation with Classified Advertisements 

Lunch (not provided) (12:00-13:30)
Session 5: Domain Specific Languages II (13:30-15:30)

    * Andy Gill and Bowe Neuenschwander
      Handshaking in Kansas Lava using Patch Logic 
    * Daniel Winograd-Cort, Hai Liu and Paul Hudak
      Virtualizing Real-World Objects in FRP 
    * Edwin Brady and Kevin Hammond
      Resource-safe Systems Programming with Embedded Domain Specific Languages 
    * David Broman and Henrik Nilsson
      Node-Based Connection Semantics for Equation-Based Object-Oriented Modeling Languages 

Break (15:30-16:00)
Session 6: Numerics (16:00-17:00)

    * Paul Tarau
      A Declarative Specification of Tree-based Symbolic Arithmetic Computations 
    * Vincent St-Amour, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Matthew Flatt and Matthias Felleisen
      Typing the Numeric Tower

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