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                  LOGIC AND INTERACTIONS 2012 (LI2012)

                      WINTER SCHOOLS and WORKSHOPS

                   Monday January 30 - Friday March 2
                    CIRM, Luminy, Marseille, France


The “Logic and interactions 2012” session is the third such session organized
in Marseille on the topic “logic in computer science”, after "Logic and
interactions 2002" and "Geometry of computation 2006". The meeting will run
five consecutive weeks, each dedicated to a particular area of logic and its
interactions. Each week will include lectures aimed primarily at PhD students
and non-specialist researchers, invited and contributed talks addressed to a
more specialized audience and work sessions.

Deadline for registration

  Participants must register on the web site before

    *** December 19th, 2011 ****

  After this time, we cannot guarantee accomodation.


  Obviously the themes of each week are not disjoint, so we encourage
  participants, especially students, to participate in several weeks.

  * Winter school in complexity (30 January - 3 February)

    Implicit complexity, parameterized complexity, boolean circuits, etc.

      Patrick Baillot, Nadia Creignou, Jean-Yves Marion
      - Martin Hofmann (Munich, Germany)
      - Yiannis N. Moschovakis (Los Angeles, USA)
      - Stefan Szeider (Vienna, Austria)
      - Heribert Vollmer (Hannover, Germany)
    Invited speakers:
      - Emmanuel Hainry (Nancy)
      - Neil Jones (Copenhagen)
      - Virgile Mogbil (Paris-Nord)

  * Logic and interaction (6 - 10 February)

    Geometry of interaction, ludics, games, linguistics, etc.

      Claudia Faggian, Olivier Laurent, Myriam Quatrini
      - Ugo Dal Lago (Bologna, Italy)
      - Christophe Fouqueré (Paris, France)
      - Dan Ghica (Birmingham, UK)
      - Jean-Yves Girard (Marseille, France)
      - Martin Hyland (Cambridge, UK)
      - Alain Lecomte (Paris, France)
      - Myriam Quatrini (Marseille, France)
    Invited speakers:
      - Michele Abrusci (Roma, Italy)
      - Paolo Pistone (Roma, Italy)
      - Kurt Ranalter (Munchen, Germany)

  * Proofs and programs (13 - 17 February)

    Realizability, semantics, program extraction, classical logic,
    effects and references, concurrent features, etc.

      Olivier Laurent, Alexandre Miquel, Alexis Saurin
      - Hugo Herbelin (INRIA Paris, France)
      - Guy McCusker (Bath, UK)
      - Alexandre Miquel (ENS Lyon, France)
      - Gordon Plotkin (Edinburgh, UK)
    Invited speakers:
      - Ulrich Berger (Swansea, UK)
      - Paul-André Melliès (CNRS, Paris, France)
      - Jaap van Oosten (Utrecht, Netherlands)
      - Thomas Streicher (Darmstadt, Germany)

  * Quantitative approaches (20 - 24 February)

    Algebraic extensions of lambda-calculi and linear logic, logical
    approaches to probabilistic and quantum computation, quantitative
    semantics, resource and differential lambda-calculi.

      Michele Pagani, Simon Perdrix, Peter Selinger, Christine Tasson
      - Thomas Ehrhard & Christine Tasson (Paris, France)
      - Prakash Panangaden (McGill, Montréal, Canada)
      - Elham Kashefi (Edinburgh, UK)
    Invited speakers:
      - Pablo Arrighi (Grenoble, France)
      - Rick Blute (Ottawa, Canada)
      - Robin Cockett (Calgary, Canada)
      - Ross Duncan (Brussels, Belgium)
      - Alexander Green (Nottingham, UK)
      - Aleks Kissinger (Oxford, UK)
      - Jean Goubault-Larrecq (Paris, France)
      - Daniele Varacca (Paris, France)

  * Algebra and computation (27 February - 2 March)

    Rewriting, operads, algebraic invariants of computation, type theory
    and homotopy, etc.

      Pierre-Louis Curien, Yves Guiraud, Philippe Malbos, François Métayer
      - Vladimir Dotsenko (Luxembourg)
      - Timothy Porter (University of Wales, Bangor, UK)
      - Michael Warren (IAS, Princeton, USA)
    Invited speakers:
      - Dimitri Ara (Paris, France)
      - Albert Burroni (Paris, France)
      - Nicola Gambino (Palermo, Italy)
      - Stéphane Gaussent (Nancy, France)
      - Yves Lafont (Université Aix-Marseille 2) 
      - Jean-Louis Loday (CNRS, Strasbourg, France)
      - Paul-André Melliès (CNRS, Paris, France)
      - Samuel Mimram (CEA Saclay, France)
      - Pierre Rannou (Université Aix-Marseille 2) 
      - Bruno Vallette (Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France)

Call for contributed talks

  Each week, except the last one, will include sessions for contributed
  talks. Details on the submission procedures can be found on the web
  page for each week. No publication of proceedings is planned,
  submission of published work is allowed.

  Deadlines for submissions:
   - Complexity:              December 15th, 2011
   - Logic and interaction:   November 30th, 2011
   - Proofs and programs:     December 15th, 2011
   - Quantitative approaches: December 1st, 2011


  There are no registration fees. Accomodation at the CIRM should be
  available and funded for all participants: the only condition is to
  register on time.

  Pre-registration is now open on the web site.

  Once your pre-registration is validated, you will be contacted by the
  CIRM for the actual registration and booking.


  Accommodation at the CIRM is funded for all participants requiring it:
  simply select the appropriate option in the pre-registration form. 
  FYI: The standard rate for staying at the CIRM, including breakfast 
  and two meals each day is 82 (double room) to 90 (single room) euros 
  per day.

  We might also provide a limited amount of travel grants for students.
  To apply for such a grant, be sure to check the corresponding box of
  the pre-registration form: we will contact you directly for further

Emmanuel Beffara and Lionel Vaux
Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy

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