[TYPES/announce] Turing Fellowships - extended deadline, 21 Decemebr, 2011

S B Cooper pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Dec 14 05:25:05 EST 2011

The Turing Fellowships and Scholarships Competition - 

The final deadline is now: WEDNESDAY 21 DECEMBER 2011 

- a small extension to the deadline in response to requests.

The 3-year Turing Centenary Research Project - "Mind, Mechanism 
and Mathematics" starts in July 2012, and is funded by a grant 
from the John Templeton Foundation.

As part of the Alan Turing Year, proposals are invited for:

*** Five Turing Research Fellowships for researchers no more than 
10 years from the award of a PhD relevant to their proposed research, 
value 75,000 UK pounds each, and

*** Three Turing Scholarships for gifted younger researchers of age 
up to 25 years old, value 45,000 UK pounds each 

over the three years. Each Award may be held at a location of the 
winner's choice, and may be held as a valuable supplement to other 

For further details of eligibility etc, please see the How to Apply
webpage at the Alan Turing Year website:


The Research Project will address a number of major questions 
related to the Turing legacy, and are listed at the Turing Centenary 
Research Project webpage:


under four main headings:

1. The Mathematics of Emergence: The Mysteries of Morphogenesis

2. Possibility of Building a Brain: Intelligent Machines, Practice and

3. Nature of Information: Complexity, Randomness, Hiddenness of

4. How should we compute? New Models of Logic and Computation.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline	December 21, 2011
Award Notification	March 31, 2012
Award Ceremony	Turing Centenary day, June 23, 2012
Commencement of the research project	July 1, 2012
Completion of the research project	June 30, 2015

Winners will be expected to attend the award ceremony at the Turing
Centenary Conference in Manchester, 22 - 25 June, 2012.

The members of the Competition Judging Panel are:

Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
Manindra Agrawal (Kanpur)
Eric Allender (Rutgers)
Rodney Downey (Wellington)
Luciano Floridi (Hertfordshire/Oxford)
Barbara Grosz (Harvard)
Stuart Kauffman (Vermont/Santa Fe)
Hans Meinhardt (Max Planck Institute) 
Cris Moore (New Mexico/Santa Fe)
Gordon Plotkin (Edinburgh)
Aaron Sloman (Birmingham)
Robert I. Soare (Chicago)

The Judging Panel is Chaired by S. Barry Cooper (Leeds)

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