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PhD Assistantship Opportunity
Department of Computer Science
University of Vermont (UVM)
Burlington, Vermont 05405, USA

The Department of Computer Science at UVM announces a Graduate
Research Assistantships (GRA) for PhD studies starting Fall 2012 under
the supervision of Prof. Christian Skalka.  Research under this
assistanship will focus on topic areas related to Types in Programming
Languages.  Directions include:

  - Well-typed staged programming for resource constrained embedded devices
  - Programming language-based security in WSNs

For more information about this research, including previous
publications, see Prof. Skalka's homepage:

  - http://www.cs.uvm.edu/~skalka/

The Computer Science Ph.D. program at UVM has been growing steadily,
and currently has about 20 Ph.D. students.  The faculty in Computer
Science is involved in the forefront of research in intelligent
systems including artificial intelligence, data mining, distributed
systems, and evolutionary computation. The research areas of
individual faculty members can be found in the Further Information
page linked to below.


Successful applicants must possess a bachelor's degree in computer
science or a related field, and show satisfactory test scores on the
Graduate Record Examination (GRE). International applicants must
submit a TOEFL test score as well.

Further Information

Tel:  +1-802-656-3330

Email: csgrad-info at cems.uvm.edu

CS Ph.D. Program:


Online Application:

Application Deadline: Review of applications will begin February 15,
2012, and will continue until position is filled.

Christian Skalka
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of Vermont
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