[TYPES/announce] Call for Papers: 8th SCANDINAVIAN LOGIC SYMPOSIUM 20-21 August 2012 at Roskilde University, DENMARK

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8th SCANDINAVIAN LOGIC SYMPOSIUM 20-21 August 2012 at Roskilde University, DENMARK

First Announcement and Call for Papers

The 8th Scandinavian Logic Symposium will be held at Roskilde University, Trekroner, Denmark, 20-21 August 2012.

After a gap of fifteen years, the Scandinavian Logic Symposium is back. The Symposium is the first major initiative of the newly revived Scandinavian Logic Society (SLS, http://scandinavianlogic.org/) and will be held at Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark.

As with previous editions of this conference, the aim of the programme is to reflect current activity in logic in our part of the world. So we hope that participants from Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Northwestern Russia will take the opportunity to contribute a talk and to meet with fellow logicians from the area. But needless to say, we also extend a warm welcome to logicians from further afield and plan to present a varied and interesting collection of invited and contributed talks.

Related events:

A post-SLS tutorial day will be organized on August 22

Also note that Advances in Modal Logic (AiML) will be held on 22-25 August 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. URL:http://hylocore.ruc.dk/aiml2012/ .


The scope of SLS 2012 is broad, ranging over the whole area of mathematical and philosophical logic, and logical methods in computer science. Suitable topics include (but are not limited to) Proof Theory and Constructivism, Model Theory (including Finite Model Theory), Set Theory, Computability Theory,  Categorical Logic, Logic and Provability, Logic and Computer Science, Logic and Linguistics,  Modal, Hybrid, Temporal and Description Logic, Logics of Games, Dynamics and Interaction, and Philosophical Logic.


7th Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Uppsala in 1996
6th Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Telemark in 1982
5th Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Aalborg in  1979
4th Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Jyväskylä in 1976
3rd Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Uppsala in 1973
2nd Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Oslo in  1971
1st Scandinavian Logic Symposium: Åbo in 1968

The proceedings of several of these meetings have been published in book form.


To be announced


Co-chairs: Neil Jones (Copenhagen) and Erik Palmgren (Stockholm)

Torben Brauner (Roskilde)
Peter Dybjer (Chalmers)
Lars Kristiansen (Oslo)
Øystein Linnebo (Birkbeck)
Sara Negri (Helsinki)
Dag Normann (Oslo)
Asger Törnquist, (Vienna)
Jouko Väänänen (Helsinki)


Patrick Blackburn (RUC), Klaus Frovin Jørgensen (RUC), Stig Andur Petersen (RUC)


Abstracts of talks should be submitted by May 1, 2012 using the EasyChair system 


The abstracts may not exceed 3 pages (including bibliography) and should be in PDF format.


Roskilde University (RUC) is situated at Trekroner, a small town 20 minutes by train from Central Copenhagen, and five minutes by train from Roskilde.


Most people who work at RUC and almost all the RUC students live in Copenhagen. Getting to RUC is an easy train journey from the centre of Copenhagen. We anticipate that most conference attendees will book hotels in central Copenhagen, where there are many hotels in many price ranges. Hotel accommodation can also be found in Roskilde, though there the options are more limited.


The conference website will be found at:
Details concerning registration will be posted there in due course. 

Erik Palmgren, Professor
Department of Mathematics
Stockholm University
106 91 Stockholm 
palmgren at math.su.se

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