[TYPES/announce] Summer School on Functional Programming for Parallel and Concurrent Applications

Francesco Zappa Nardelli francesco.zappa_nardelli at inria.fr
Thu Feb 16 04:18:36 EST 2012

Dear all,

I am happy to annouce the CEA-EDF-INRIA summer school on

                      FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING

 11-22 June 2012, Castle of Cadarache, Saint Paul Lez Durance, France



The aim of the summer school is to give a thorough and application-
oriented introduction to functional programming using the programming
language Haskell. A special focus is on parallel and concurrent
programming, highlighting the ways in which features such as strong
typing and purity make it dramatically easier to write reliable
parallel or concurrent code. The school is split into three different
courses that highlight different aspects of functional
programming. All courses consist of lectures and hands-on sessions
where everyone can try out the language on several exercises.


This school is a 2 weeks course for engineers, and for students and
researchers. Participants should be familiar with programming (e.g. in
C or Java), but the school will be self-contained and no preliminary
knowledge of functional programing is required.


 Ralf Hinze (Oxford University)
 Andres Löh (Well-Typed)
 Simon Marlow (Microsoft Research)

Talks (to be confirmed)

Joe Armstrong, Mark Shinwell, Anil Madhavapeddy.

Registration and contact:

The deadline for registration is May 30, 2012.  Please contact:

 Régis Vizet - CEA
 regis.vizet (at) cea.fr
 tel: 0033 1 69 26 47 45

for further informations.

Best regards
 Francesco Zappa Nardelli

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