[TYPES/announce] REVER Call for Ph.D. and post-doc

Ivan Lanese lanese at cs.unibo.it
Fri Mar 2 09:40:02 EST 2012

 	Call for PostDoc and Ph.D.

The ANR REVER project is seeking applicants for both a PhD student
position and a 2-year post-doctoral research position. The work will
be done either inside the Sardes team at INRIA Grenoble or inside the
Focus team at University of Bologna (joint team with INRIA Sophia
Antipolis Méditerranée). The REVER project aims at facilitating the
programming of recoverable systems, i.e. of systems that can tolerate
faults by means of system recovery techniques. More precisely, the
REVER project aims to study the possibility of defining semantically
well-founded and composable abstractions for dependable computing on
the basis of a reversible programming language substrate, where
reversibility means the ability to undo any distributed program
execution, possibly step by step, and to revert it to a state
consistent with the past execution.

See http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~jkrivine/REVER/ANR_REVER/Welcome.html for
more information on the REVER project.

The successful applicants will be expected to contribute to this
research effort, which will include both semantic foundations,
programming abstractions, and practical implementations.

Requirements for Ph.D. application:
* Master Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field

Requirements for PostDoc application:
* Ph.D. in Computer Science (completed or near completion)
* A research background on concurrency theory, programming language
semantics, or distributed algorithms.

For both the positions:

* To apply send a curriculum, a publication record and a statement of
   interest via e-mail to Prof. Jean-Bernard Stefani
   <jean-bernard.stefani at inria.fr> and Dr. Ivan Lanese
   <lanese at cs.unibo.it>

* Deadline: April 15, 2012

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