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This job is now posted at http://www.ssloral.com/html/careers/careers2.html

To see the listing, go to the above link, then search for Job ID #2241.

Also, I must apologize for my failure to mention originally that SS/L requires U.S. citizenship or permanent resident, refugee, or asylum status.

                Chris Brinkley

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I am hoping to hire a type theorist.

My employer, Palo Alto-based Space Systems Loral (www.ssloral.com<http://www.ssloral.com>) is the world's leading manufacturer of commercial satellites.  I have recently been allowed to begin putting together a small "Engineering Computing" group, which currently includes a formal methods specialist and a (just hired) senior F# programmer, among others.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you how extraordinary it is to have something like this in an industry setting.  The type theorist req was just approved today, and should be posted on our company web page soon (I'll send a follow-up note when that is done.)  Here is my language for the req:

Position Description:  Apply type theory based tools and concepts in development of knowledge based engineering applications. Collaborate on design of domain-specific type systems to capture engineering pragmatics for automation and validation. Design and develop practical software support for particular families of domain-specific dependent types. Mentor others in type theory and tools. Work independently and in an interdisciplinary team.

Position Requirements:  Good working knowledge of type theory in computer science and its applications in programming languages and theorem proving. Industry or academic experience using type theory based tools such as Coq or Agda. Experience applying type-theoretic concepts in software development. A high level of all-around sophistication in developing and maintaining highly reliable computationally oriented software systems.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might be or know of a promising candidate.  Also feel free to contact me directly.

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