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Alwyn Goodloe agoodloe at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 13:44:39 EDT 2012

    Two new opportunities for civil servant positions at NASA that might
interest the types community.  The candidate should be interested in
reasoning rigorously about safety of civil aviation and space systems. The
group has a history of applying interactive theorem proving, model
checking, SMT solvers to verify safety of complex systems. Note that by
safety we usually do not mean code level safety properties such as absence
of buffer overflows, but system level safety such as aircraft x and y
maintain safe level of separation.  If interested, please go through USA
Jobs - the website for federal jobs.

 The grade level is within the range of GS 11 - GS 13.  A person's
education and experience will determine where within this range they fall.
Given that these are civil service positions, US Citizenship is required
for both openings.
Alwyn E. Goodloe, Ph.D.
agoodloe at gmail.com

Research Computer Engineer
NASA Langley Research Center
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