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Pierre Hyvernat pierre.hyvernat at univ-savoie.fr
Wed Mar 28 08:58:33 EDT 2012

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Greetings to all!

This is the first (but late) official announcement for the fifth 
workshop "Réalisabilité à Chambéry".

This year's workshop will take place from Tuesday the 5th of June to 
Friday the 8th of June.

No specific "theme" was chosen this year, besides realizability in a 
broad sense.

Partial information is gathered on the web page:
and you can (should) register for the workshop there:

The invited speakers are:
   - Martin Hofmann (Munich),
   - Jean-Louis Krivine (Paris),
   - Jonas Frey (Paris),
   - Alexandre Miquel (Lyon).

There will be 2 sessions for contributed talks, and PhD students are 
particularly encouraged to submit a talk. (There will be no official 
proceedings though.)

For the first time, we will offer a couple of grants for students 
attending the workshop. Those grants will cover (part of) the cost 
of the travel and a room on the campus. We still don't know how many 
grants we will be able to award, but priority will be given to 
students presenting their work at the workshop.

More details about contents of invited talks and schedule will be 
added to the web page when available.

Meanwhile, feel free to register (via the web page), submit talks or 
contact me for additional details (or comments).

Note: the workshop will be similar in spirit to the last one.  There 
is no registration fee, but the organizing committee doesn't 
organize much besides the actual workshop.

It will be possible to get a student room (on campus, very cheap, 
but only a bare room). Students will of course be given priority for 
those, but anyone may ask...

Other possibilities for accommodation are given on the web page:

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