[TYPES/announce] CfP : 6th Category Theory Seminar

Neil Ghani Neil.Ghani at cis.strath.ac.uk
Sat Mar 31 06:27:28 EDT 2012

Call for Participation
6th Scottish Category Theory Seminar
2pm, Friday 25 May

Category theory is a relatively new branch of mathematics which seeks to understand abstract mathematical structure. At its core, category theory contains a synthesis of algebraic, logical and geometric intuitions. This allows for both diverse applications and innovative insights in areas including pure mathematics, computer science, physics etc. The Scottish Category Theory Seminar provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of category, be they straight category theory or applications to other scientific fields.

Our sixth meeting takes place on Friday 25 May 2012 and is focussed on the exciting developments that have taken place recently in Higher Dimensional Category Theory and its applications in homotopy theory and type theory. We intend the meeting to be attractive to mathematicians, computer scientists, physicists etc., and thus have aimed for talks which will be of interest to a broad audience of people who are curious about the latest developments in Higher Dimensional Category Theory.

Thomas Streicher (University of Darmstadt), 
       On Univalent Foundations  

Ondrej Rypacek (Kings College, London), 
       A syntactical approach to weak omega-groupoids  
Simona Paoli (University of Leicester)
   	n-typical n-fold groupoids  

Eric Finster (Ecole Polytechnique De Lausanne),
       Revising the Opetopes: Applications in Computer Science and Type Theory

The meeting will take place at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences of the University of Strathclyde (Room 14.15, Livingston Tower, 26 Richmond Street, Glasgow). Refreshments will be available from 1pm and the talks start at 2pm. More details can be found at


The meeting will be followed by drinks in a nearby pub (from 17.30) and then dinner at a local restaurant (from 18.30). You are politely requested to contact us (email scotcats at cis.strath.ac.uk) by Friday 11 May if you are intending to attend the meeting and/or
if you are intending to come to dinner  so we can cater appropriately.

The meeting has been sponsored by SICSA.

ScotCats Organisers
Neil Ghani
Tom Leinster
Alex Simpson

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