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 <<< This is the third post. Proposals are received throughout
     the year, but the next deadline is June 15th.>>>


(1) Objective

NII Shonan Meetings, following the well-known Dagstuhl Seminars, aim
to promote informatics and informatics research at an international
level, by providing yet another world's premier venue for world-class
scientists, promising young researchers, and practitioners to come
together in Asia to exchange their knowledge, discuss their research
findings, and explore a cutting-edge informatics topics.

The meetings are held in Shonan Village Center (near Tokyo), which
offers a combination of facilities for conferences, trainings, lodging
in a resort-like setting. The friendly and open atmosphere is to
promote a culture of communication and exchange among the meeting
participants. The NII International Meetings are managed by National
Institute of Informatics (NII) in Japan.

(2) Scope and Style

NII Shonan Meetings follow the style of the Dagstuhl Seminars.  A
meeting usually lasts for four days (Monday to Thursday) or shorter.
It is initiated by at most three organizers (one from Asia),
established leaders in their field, representing the different
communities invited to the Seminar, preferably from different
institutions. NII invites on their behalf about 25 to 35 researchers
of international standing from academia and industry.

Like Dagstuhl Seminars, an NII Shonan Meeting typically does not come
with a fixed program. Instead, the pace and the program are guided by
topics and presentations that evolve through discussions. In
particular, NII does not require participants to submit a paper for
presentation, or to give a presentation at all. On the contrary, NII
encourages to present new ideas and work in progress.

All administrate work of a meeting will be supported by the NII team
in the preparation phase and during the seminars themselves, so that
the organizers can focus on choosing research topics and selecting
active researchers for the meeting.

(3) Proposal Submissions

NII invites international standing scientists to submit proposals for
international meetings (with about 25-35 participants) on any topics
of informatics. The proposal should clearly motivate the topic of your
seminar and include the following items:

- Meeting Title
- Organizers (at most three, 1-page CV for each)
- Proposed Dates for the Meeting
- Description of the Meeting (1-2 pages, in English)
- Invitation list 
  (Title/First Name/Middle Name/Last Name/Affiliation/Email/URL/research list)

The proposal should be submitted via the following EasyChair page:


The proposal will be reviewed by the Academic Committee. Once the
proposal is approved, our staff will help to organize the seminar.

We welcome proposal submission anytime through a whole year, although
submission is closed in June 15th & December 15th. Notification of
acceptance is only made after about 40 days of each closing day.

(4) Locations and Expenses

The meetings are held in Shonan Village Center (near Tokyo), whose
nearest train station can be accessed by a direct train from Narita
International Airport, and offers a combination of facilities for
conferences, trainings, lodging in a resort-like setting.


The following rates cover overnight accommodation (single room) and
full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) per day:

- Meeting organizers: free
- Participants from academia: 8000 Yen/day
- Participants from industry and accompanying persons: 15,000 Yen/day

(5) Organizing Committee

Yoh'ichi Tohkura (NII): Chair

Zhenjiang Hu (NII)
Akiko Aizawa (NII)
Hiroshi Hosobe (NII)
Hiroyuki Kato (NII)
Soichiro Hidaka (NII)

(6) Inquiry

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by
sending an email to

   shonan at nii.ac.jp

More information about NII Shonan Meetings is available at the
following website:


Soichiro Hidaka
National Institute of Informatics
E-mail: hidaka at nii.ac.jp
URL   : http://research.nii.ac.jp/~hidaka

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