[TYPES/announce] PostDoc position in Paris, France on weak-memory concurrency and compilation

Francesco Zappa Nardelli francesco.zappa_nardelli at inria.fr
Wed May 16 03:18:09 EDT 2012

[Please bring these to the attention of any suitable candidates -
thanks, -francesco]


We are seeking applicants for a post-doctoral position to join a group
working on the broad area of concurrency and compilation in the Parkas
team (http://www.di.ens.fr/ParkasTeam.html -- INRIA, located at ENS, 
Paris, France).

Recent work has focussed on the relaxed-memory concurrency that real
systems exhibit, including work on the memory models of
multiprocessors (x86, Power, ARM), verified compilation of concurrent
programming languages to multiprocessors, the semantic theory of
relaxed-memory concurrency, and the development of tool support for
semantics; some details can be found at
http://moscova.inria.fr/~zappa/projects/weakmemory/.  We now plan to
continue some of the above, and design and implement compilation
techniques for efficiently exploit the model parallel hardware,
including non-coherent many-core architectures as Tilera and Kalray,
or investigate parallel compilation of synchronous languages.

Applicants must have a PhD in Computer Science or a closely related
field.  The term of the postdoc position is one year with an option to
renew for up to three years.  Starting date is negotiable (tentatively
October 2012).

A keen interest in programming languages, concurrency, and compilation
is essential, ideally with a strong background in one or more of the

* Programming Language Semantics and Type Systems
* Automated Reasoning Tools
* Concurrency
* Program Verification
* Static and Dynamic Analysis
* Operating Systems
* Compilers

The position is funded by the ANR WMC project
led by Francesco Zappa Nardelli 

Applications should include:

* a curriculum vitae
* a brief statement of the particular contribution you would like to
  make to the project
* the names and contact details (postal and e-mail addresses) of two

Applications and enquiries should be sent to 

  francesco.zappa_nardelli (@) inria.fr

Closing Date: 4 June 2012


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