[TYPES/announce] Call for Papers MeCBIC 2012 / Newcastle, 8th Sept.2012

Gabriel Ciobanu gabriel at info.uaic.ro
Wed Jun 6 04:27:04 EDT 2012

Dear Potential Participant,

The 6th Workshop on Membrane Computing and Biologically Inspired Process 
Calculi will be held this year on 8th September in Newcastle as one of the 
workshops of CONCUR 2012 -- http://conferences.ncl.ac.uk/concur-2012 .

If your work is related to MeCBIC topics, it is now
a good opportunity to submit a paper (of about 16 pages).
    Submission deadline is 16th June (in 10 days),
    with a title and abstract in less than 1 weak.

Traditionally MeCBIC papers deal with multilevel multiset rewriting as 
they appear in membrane computing (a rule-based formalism) and in Petri 
nets, as well as compartments as they appear in membrane computing and in 
several process calculi (mobile ambients, brane calculi). During the last 
years, several additional ingredients were involved. A cross fertilization 
of these research areas has recently started; a deeper investigation of 
the relations between these related formalisms is interesting, as it is 
important to understand the similarities and the differences.
Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
   Biologically inspired models and calculi;
   Biologically inspired systems and their applications;
   Analysis of properties of biologically inspired models and languages;
   Theoretical links and comparison between different models/systems.

The workshop proceedings will be published in the Electronic Proceedings 
in Theoretical Computer Science. After the workshop, some selected papers 
will be published in Scientific Annals of Computer Science.
More details at http://www.info.uaic.ro/~mecbic/mecbic2012/

With best regards,
Gabriel Ciobanu

PS. If you indent to submit a paper and need few additional days, please send a 
message to mecbic at info.uaic.ro and/or gabriel at iit.tuiasi.ro.

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