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************ CALL FOR PARTICIPATION ************

CL&C'12 - ICALP'12 Workshop

Fourth International Workshop on
Classical Logic and Computation

July 8, 2012, Warwick - England


CL&C'12 is the fourth of a conference series on "Classical Logic and 
Computation". It intends to cover all work aiming to explore 
computational aspects of classical logic and mathematics.

The fact that classical mathematical proofs of simply existential 
statements can be read as programs was established by Goedel and Kreisel 
half a century ago. But the possibility of extracting useful 
computational content from classical proofs was taken seriously only 
from the 1990s on when it was discovered that proof interpretations 
based on Goedel's and Kreisel's ideas can provide new nontrivial 
algorithms and numerical results, and the Curry-Howard correspondence 
can be extended to classical logic via programming concepts such as 
continuations and control operators.

CL&C is focused on the exploration of the computational content of 
mathematical and logical principles. The scientific aim of this workshop 
is to bring together researchers from both fields and exchange ideas.

Contributed papers:

F. Aschieri, M. Zorzi: "Eliminating Skolem functions in Pano arithmetic 
with interactive realizability"
R. Krebbers: "A call-by-value lambda-calculus with lists and control"
K. Nakazawa, S.-Y. Katsumata: "Extensional Models of Untyped Lambda-Mu 
T. Powel: "Applying Goedel's Dialectica Interpretation to Obtain a 
Constructive Proof of Higman's Lemma"

Short presentations:

G. Birolo: "A simple geometric example of interactive realizability"
H. Eades: "Hereditary Substitution for the Lambda-Mu Calculus"
S. Sanders: "Nonstandard Analysis: a New Vay to Compute (Constructively)"

Invited speaker: Paulo Oliva

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