[TYPES/announce] Turing Centenary Research Project "Mind, Mechanism and Mathematics"

S Barry Cooper pmt6sbc at maths.leeds.ac.uk
Wed Jul 11 19:53:53 EDT 2012

We are very happy to announce that the 8 Turing Fellows and Scholars have
been chosen to work on the 3-year Turing Centenary Research Project "Mind,
Mechanism and Mathematics". The details of the lucky winners can be found

There were no less than 92 proposals for these grants (provided by the
John Templeton Foundation), generally of very high quality, which gave the
Judging Panel a great deal of work to do. We would like to congratulate
the 8 worthy winners, and to encourage the other 91% of applicants to not
be discouraged, but to keep looking for funding opportunities, with the
expectation of eventual success.

We will be looking for a continuation of the "Mind, Mechanism and
Mathematics" programme in 2015.

Best, Barry

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