[TYPES/announce] Associate professor position in computer science at Uppsala University

Tobias Wrigstad tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se
Fri Jul 27 06:24:42 EDT 2012

at Uppsala university, department of Information Technology.


While the text for the position reads pretty generic, it is
oriented towards programming. The application deadline is August
31st, but it is common practise that applicants short on time, can
submit a pro forma application and complete it with the required
appendices later.

The Department of Information Technology has a staff of 250,
including 30 full professors, 70 other senior academic staff and
100 Ph.D. students and has a leading position in research and
teaching. Sweden has several competitive grant schemes for funding
basic, applied and strategic research in parallel with EU funding. 

Applicants should not be put off by the Swedish *formal* teacher
training requirements, which are pretty steep on an International
scale. Applicants with past teaching experience can be employed on
the condition of meeting the formal requirements in the first year
of their employment. 

Tobias Wrigstad, associate professor (lektor) 
Department of Information Technology
Uppsala University, Sweden
Email:  tobias.wrigstad at it.uu.se
Office: +46-18-471-1072 
Cell:   +46-736-777-418
Web:    http://wrigstad.com

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