[TYPES/announce] Call for Remote Hackathon Participation at SoTeSoLa

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Wed Aug 15 22:27:36 EDT 2012

The hackathon on software mining, software reverse/re-engineering should
also benefit from some (remote) participants who care about types and
related areas such as static and dynamic software analysis. Please have a
look and join us for this fun-oriented research event this summer, in fact,
next week. Thanks and regards, Ralf Lämmel

Call for Remote Hackathon Participation at SoTeSoLa


On 20 and 22 Aug, starting 5:55pm, CEST, SoTeSoLa will run an open
Hackathon on software mining and reverse/re-engineering, for which remote
participation is endorsed.


Reverse and Re-engineering are established areas in software engineering
and computer science. Reverse engineering is meant in a broad sense to
include software mining, fact extraction, software visualization,
vocabulary mining, analysis of language usage, architecture recovery, etc.
Re-engineering is also meant in a broad sense to include, for example,
program refactoring, wrapping, dead-code elimination, language migration,
database re-engineering, and other forms of software evolution. There exist
numerous methods and tools out there. There have been various efforts to
integrate the related body of knowledge in textbooks, online resources, and
otherwise. At SoTeSoLa, such integration will be continued in the form of a
hackathon with on-site and remote participation.


During the hackathon, the participants exercise methods and tools of
interest in reverse/re-engineering/software mining experiments. In order to
focus efforts, to enable diverse experiments, and to stimulate synergies,
the experiments target the software chrestomathy of the 101companies
project, which is available as a git repository 101repo of source code and
as dumps and resources 101data of extracted facts. The participants will
typically target specific 101implementations or sets thereof, specific
technologies (such as EF, JAXB, Hibernate, Ant, or Make), and specific
languages (such as Java, Haskell, or C#). Such selection should help in
demonstrating efficiently the methods and tools of interest. The
expectation is that the hackathon produces a corpus of samples, which may
be useful, for example, in teaching software mining, reverse and
re-engineering, or as a benchmark or a point of reference in these areas of
research. Some ilustrations and various helpful pointers are available (see
the resource section of the website).


On Monday, 20 Aug, the focus is on reverse engineering and specifically
software mining; on Wedneday, 22 Aug, the focus is on re-engineering,
hackathonists are welcome to reverse/re-engineer/mine software at all
times, though. At the beginning of the hackathon, Vadim Zaytsev gives a
presentation to explain the hackathon concept. This presentation will be
recorded and broadcasted for remote participants. Remote participants can
connect with on-site participants via Google Hangout and Skype. Hackathon
teams with interesting results can give a short presentation in a
designated session on the next day of the SoTeSoLa program.


1. Register through Hackathon web site.

2. Receive Hackathon latest instructions before hackathon onsite, via
Google Hangout, or YouTube.

3. Join in over Google Hangout or Skype during the hackathon.

4. Submit code and documentation, e.g., via GitHub.

5. Optionally, present during a designated SoTeSoLa session next day.


All registered teams compete for the SoTeSoLa Hackathon award funded by
Google. The winner will be selected by a committee that is formed at the
school drawing from speakers and other senior community members present at
the school. The presentation at the beginning of the hackathon provides
advice on how to compete for the award. SoTeSoLa is a fun-oriented research

Jean-Marie Favre (Research 2.0 Chair)
Ralf Laemmel (General Chair, SoTeSoLa)
Vadim Zaytsev (Hackathon Coordination)
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