[TYPES/announce] Several PhD positions in Model Driven Development of Safety Critical Systems, Verification and Software Product Lines

Andrzej Wąsowski wasowski at itu.dk
Sat Sep 15 15:09:49 EDT 2012

[Classical background in semantics and types, with applications to 
program verification is within the scope of interest of this list.  Thus 
some readers may find the announcement relevant]

**Several PhD positions in Model Driven Development of Safety Critical 
Systems, Verification and Software Product Lines **
IT University of Copenhagen

VARIES, MT-LAB and related projects seek several excellent PhD students 
to work on modeling and analysis of variability in safety-critical 
Embedded Systems. Opportunities range from applied engineering projects 
to theoretical verification projects.  Applied projects allow you to be 
involved in international standardization of variability modelling 
languages (the upcoming OMG CVL language) and work on analysis of 
variability models created in these languages.  The objective is to 
support consistent, integrated and continuous variability management 
over the entire product life cycle. More theoretically inclined project 
require development of software model checking technology, and program 
analysis technologies to analyse software involving variability, code 
generation and model transformation.

Ideal applicants have background in several of the following areas: 
reasoning with propositional or first order logics, model checking, 
static analysis, model based testing, domain specific languages, 
semantics. You also share our commitment to solving hard problems that 
real engineering projects face.

VARIES is a consortium of about 20 European partners, a mixture of high 
profile academic partners, research labs and companies developing 
safety-critical embedded or modeling tools. VARIES is funded by European 
Commission and national governments via the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking 
(http://www.varies.eu).  MTLAB is a basic research centre devoted to 
modelling of IT systems, a joint initiative of IT University, Technical 
University of Denmark, and Aalborg University (http://www.mt-lab.dk).

Deadline for application is October 31 at noon, Copenhagen time.

Positions are based in Copenhagen Denmark within the modern and lively 
research environment of IT University of Copenhagen (http://www.itu.dk). 
Prospective starting date is as soon as possible until Spring/Summer 
2013. Duration of the scholarship is 3 or 4 years. The scholarship 
includes full time salary, and budget for carrying the research project.

Please see the conditions of the call at 

All applicants are highly encouraged to contact the potential superviso 
Andrzej Wasowski <wasowski at itu.dk> (http://www.itu.dk/people/wasowski)

Andrzej Wąsowski, PhD, http://www.itu.dk/~wasowski/
Associate prof., head of MSc Programme on Software Development
IT University, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
office 2M27, phone +45 7218 5086, fax +45 7218 5001

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