[TYPES/announce] Open Position in Formal Methods at ENSTA ParisTech

Alexandre Chapoutot alexandre.chapoutot at ensta-paristech.fr
Mon Sep 24 15:18:43 EDT 2012

Dear all,

The departement of Computer Science and System Engineering of ENSTA ParisTech, 
headed by Bruno Monsuez, is seeking candidates for one faculty position 
(associate professor) in Computer Science.

The research activity of the applicant should be in adequacy with the research themes
developed in the team Safety and Dependability of Systems, headed by Michel Mauny.

The research activity is focused on the formal verification of embedded systems taking 
into account heterogeneity of their components like the study of software/hardware interactions 
or software/physical environment interactions. The applicants must have a PhD degree 
in Computer Science and they must have some knowledge but not limited in abstract interpretation,
model checking, test generation, type systems, system modeling.
More details is given in the attached file.

The application form can be downloaded at

The application form must be sent by mail to Bruno Monsuez
(bruno.monsuez at ensta-paristech.fr) before:
	          November 4th 2012

Best regards
A. Chapoutot

Alexandre Chapoutot -- Assistant professor
   ENSTA ParisTech 
   Unité d'Informatique	et d'Ingénierie des Systèmes
   828 boulevard des maréchaux 91762 Palaiseau
Phone: +33 1 81 87 20 71
Mail: alexandre.chapoutot at ensta-paristech.fr
Web: http://www.ensta.fr/~chapoutot/index.html

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