[TYPES/announce] book: the logic of categorial grammars

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Fri Oct 5 14:01:17 EDT 2012

The logic of categorial grammars:
a deductive account of natural language syntax and semantics
(R. Moot & Ch. Retoré)

This book is a contemporary and comprehensive introduction to categorial
grammars in the logical tradition initiated by the work of Lambek. It
guides students and researchers through the fundamental results in the
field, providing modern proofs of many classic theorems, as well as
original recent advances. Numerous examples and exercises illustrate the
motivations and applications of these results from a linguistic,
computational and logical point of view.  The Lambek calculus and its
variants, and the corresponding grammars, are at the heart of these
lecture notes. A chapter is devoted to a key feature of these categorial
grammars: their very elegant syntax- semantic interface. In addition, we
adapt linear logic proof nets to these calculi since they provide
efficient parsing algorithms as exemplified in the Grail parser. This
book shows how categorial grammars weave together converging ideas from
formal linguistics, typed lambda calculus, Montague semantics, proof
theory and linear logic, thus yielding a coherent and formally elegant
framework for natural language syntax and semantics.


Christian Retoré

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