[TYPES/announce] Three lecturerships in computer science/informatics at the University of Edinburgh

James Cheney james.cheney at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 05:39:36 EDT 2012

[the search areas for these positions include security and databases,
topics with well-established connections to types and programming

The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics plans to hire three
lecturers.  (In
the UK, "lecturer" refers to an entry-level, permanent faculty
position, roughly
comparable to "assistant professor" in US terminology.)  Applications from
researchers in any area will be considered; specific search areas of interest
to TYPES list readers may include:

* Cyber-security, reinforcing our security-related research and
connecting to our
strengths in databases, programming languages and verification.

* Data management, reinforcing our world leading database group.

* Synthetic biology, developing efficient methods for designing
biological systems
using computational principles and techniques.

Readers of this list will know that the Laboratory for Foundations of
Computer Science, founded by Robin Milner, Gordon Plotkin, Rod
Burstall, and Matthew Hennessy in 1986, has a strong tradition of
research in subjects related to Types.  We welcome applications by
excellent candidates in this area.  Please feel free to contact me, Phil
Wadler, or others in LFCS if you are interested in applying.

To apply, visit the University's (recently upgraded) jobs website:


and enter vacancy reference 005085.

The closing date for the positions is November 1, 2012.


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