[TYPES/announce] ACM POPL 2013: Call for participation

Viktor Vafeiadis viktor at mpi-sws.org
Thu Nov 15 06:35:21 EST 2012

** ACM POPL 2013 & Co-located Events

You can now register to the 40th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGACT Symposium on  
Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2013) and co-located events!!

POPL: Principles of Programming Languages
Hotel Parco dei Principi
Rome, Italy
23-25 January, 2013

Main web site: http://popl.mpi-sws.org/2013/

Registration site: https://regmaster3.com/2013conf/POPL13/register.php
Deadline for early registration: **December 31, 2012**

Conference & Hotel logistics: http://popl13.di.univr.it

The POPL week January 20-26, 2013:
- VMCAI: Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation  
- PADL: International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative
Languages (21-22 January)
- PEPM: Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (21-22 January)
- ID: Interference and Dependence (21 January)
- SVARM: Workshop on Synthesis, Verification, and Analysis of Rich  
Models -
Meeting of COST Action IC0109 Rich Model Toolkit (21 January)
- BEAT: Workshop on Behaviors and Types (22 January)
- DDFP: Workshop on Data Driven Functional Programming (22 January)
- PLPV: Programming Languages meets Program Verification (22 January)
- PLMW: Programming Language Mentoring Workshop (22 January)
- POPL: Principles of Programming Languages (23-25 January)
- PPREW: Program Protection and Reverse Engineering Workshop (26  
- OBT: Off The Beaten Track: Underrepresented Problems for Programming
Language Researchers (26 January)

Follow POPL2013 on Twitter: https://twitter.com/POPL2013

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