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1st International Workshop on Behavioural Types

Tuesday January 22, 2013

Co-located with POPL 2013

BEAT'13 web page:  http://beat13.cs.aau.dk

Behavioural type systems in general, and in particular those based on typestate, are attracting a lot of attention as these are able to ensure more than the usual safety guarantees of static program analyses.

In the last ten years the idea of "types-as-processes" has been explored in several directions, providing dedicated type algebras for particular properties, ranging from protocol compatibility to race-freedom or activeness, as well as general type systems for a wide range of properties. The approaches include those of session types, generic type systems and behavioural ontracts as well as other type-theoretic notions, e.g. intersection types, that can be used to specify the behaviour of systems.
These approaches have given rise to several important results. This workshop aims to present contributions on the theory and applications of behavioural types and to foster discussion on the pros and cons of different approaches and on new directions and challenges in the area.


9:00 David Pearce: A Calculus for Constraint-Based Flow Typing

9:30 Mario Coppo, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Luca Padovani, Nobuko Yoshida: Inference of Global Progress Properties for Dynamically Interleaved Multiparty Sessions

10:00-10:30: Break

10:30 Thomas Hildebrandt, Marco Carbone: TBA (Types for Behavioural Analysis)

11:15 Naoki Kobayashi: TBA (Types for Behavioural Analysis)

12:00 Lunch

2:30 Massimo Bartoletti, Alceste Scalas, Emilio Tuosto, Roberto Zunino: Honesty by Typing

3:00 Vasco Vasconcelos: TBA (Types for Behavioural Analysis)

3:45 Jakob Rehof: TBA (Types for Behavioural Analysis)

4:30: End of Workshop


Hans Hüttel (hans at cs.aau.dk<mailto:hans at cs.aau.dk>)
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University

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