[TYPES/announce] Postdoc position at UIUC in programming languages

Rosu, Grigore grosu at illinois.edu
Fri Nov 23 10:54:13 EST 2012

Disclaimer: This message does NOT include the word "types" in it, as requested on the types list webpage,
but the successful candidate will also need to define a static semantics of C/LLVM.


The Formal Systems Laboratory at UIUC is looking for an excellent postdoc or
researcher to work on the formal K semantics of C/LLVM and/or other low-level
languages.  The semantics will then be used for program analysis and
verification, using the novel matching logic approach and mechanical
translations of K into Coq/Isabelle/ACL2.

If interested, please contact Grigore Rosu (grosu at illinois.edu).

Here are links to related projects and background papers:
K project (http://k-framework.org);
Matching logic (http://matching-logic.org);
Existing C semantics (http://code.google.com/p/c-semantics);
Existing LLVM semantics (https://github.com/davidlazar/llvm-semantics);
popl'12 paper (http://fsl.cs.uiuc.edu/index.php/An_Executable_Formal_Semantics_of_C_with_Applications);
oopsla'12 paper: (http://fsl.cs.uiuc.edu/index.php/Checking_Reachability_using_Matching_Logic)

Grigore Rosu
Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Email: grosu at illinois.edu, WWW: http://fsl.cs.uiuc.edu/~grosu

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