[TYPES/announce] PADL'13 : Call for participation

Viktor Vafeiadis viktor at mpi-sws.org
Thu Dec 20 03:58:16 EST 2012

                        Fifteenth Symposium on
                 Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages
                              (PADL '13)


                              Rome, Italy
                          January 21-22, 2013

                      Co-located with ACM POPL'13

You are cordially invited to the Fifteenth International Symposium on
Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages that will be held on Jan 21-22,
2013 right before ACM POPL. If you are attending ACM POPL, we encourage you
to stay for a whole week in Rome and attend PADL as well.
Please note that the deadline for early registration is fast approaching.

You can register by visiting

(Early registration deadline: 31 December)


	o Zipping Trees Across the Border - From Functional
	  Specification to Logic Programming Implementation
			Tom Schrijvers


 	o Implementing Equational Constraints in a Functional Language
 		B. Brassel, M. Hanus, B. Peemˆller and F. Reck.
	o Dependently Typed Web Client Applications - FRP in Adga in HTML5
 		Alan Jeffrey.
 	o The Generalized Intensional Transformation for Implementing
	  Lazy Functional Languages
		G. Fourtounis, N. Papaspyrou and P. Rondogiannis.
 	o A Library for Declarative Resolution-Independent 2D Graphics
 		Paul Klint and Atze van der Ploeg.
 	o Analysing the Entire Wikipedia History with Database Supported Haskell
 	        G. Giorgidze, T. Grust, I. Halatchliyski and M. Kummer.
 	o Formalizing a Broader Recursion Coverage in SQL
 		G. Aranda, S. Nieva, F. Sa°enz-Perez and Jaime Sanchez-Hernandez.
 	o A Declarative Compositional Timing Analysis for Multicores Using the
 	  Latency-Rate Abstraction
 	        V. Rodrigues, B. Akesson, M. Florido and S. Melo de Sousa.
 	o LogicObjects: Enabling Logic Programming in Java Through Linguistic Symbiosis
 		Sergio Castro, Kim Mens and Paulo Moura.
 	o Supporting Pruning in Tabled LP
          	P. Chico De Guzm·n, M. Carro and M. Hermenegildo.
 	o A Portable and Efficient Implementation of Coinductive Logic Programming
 		Paulo Moura.
 	o A Declarative-friendly API for Web Document Manipulation
 		Benjamin Canou, Emmmanuel Chailloux and Vincent Balat.
 	o On the Efficient Implementation of Mode-Directed Tabling
		Jo„o Santos and Ricardo Rocha.
 	o Terminyzer: An Automatic Non-Termination Analyzer for Large Logic Programs
		Senlin Liang and Michael Kifer.
 	o Integrative functional statistics in logic programming
 		N. Angelopoulos, V. Santos Costa, J. Azevedo, J. Wielemaker
		R. Camacho, and L. Wessels.
 	o Reversible Language Extensions and their Application in Debugging
 		ZoÈ Drey, Jose F. Morales, Manuel Hermenegildo and Manuel Carro.
 	o ProSQLite: Prolog file based databases via an SQLite interface
 		Sander Canisius, Nicos Angelopoulos, and Lodewyk Wessels.
 	o Parallel Performance of Declarative Programming using a PGAS Model
 		Rui Machado, Salvador Abreu and Daniel Diaz.

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