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Ewen Denney ewen.w.denney at nasa.gov
Sun Dec 23 06:57:48 EST 2012

[Type-based approaches to demonstrating assurance fall within the
scope of the workshop]

                ASSURE 2013
             The 1st International Workshop on
       Assurance Cases for Software-intensive Systems

          San Francisco, California, May 19, 2013
           in conjunction with ICSE 2013




Software plays a key role in high-risk systems, e.g., safety-
and security-critical systems. Several certification standards/
guidelines now recommend and/or mandate the development of
assurance cases for software-intensive systems, e.g., defense (UK
MoD DS0056), aviation (CAP 670, FAA Interim Guidance 08-01),
automotive (ISO 26262), and healthcare (FDA Guidance on Infusion
Pumps 510(k)). As such, there is a need to understand and evaluate
(a) the application of assurance cases to software, and
(b) the relationship between assurance case development and
assessment, and software engineering concepts, processes and

The goals of the ASSURE 2013 workshop are to explore techniques
for the creation and assessment of assurance cases for software-
intensive systems; leverage, adapt and apply techniques, concepts,
and tools from software engineering in the assurance case
lifecycle; identify the dimensions of effective practice in the
development and evaluation of assurance cases, and identify
critical challenges and define a roadmap for future developments.

We solicit high-quality research contributions and position papers
on the application of assurance case principles and techniques for
software assurance, and on the treatment of assurance cases as
artifacts to which the full range of software engineering
techniques can be applied. Papers should attempt to address the
workshop goals in general.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

- Standards How can assurance cases be used to show compliance
   to standards that recommend/mandate their use?

- Methodologies How do development and verification methodologies
   (including configuration management) transfer to an assurance
   case paradigm?

- Use of output from software engineering tools (testing, formal
   verification, code generators) as evidence in assurance cases
   and use of software engineering tools for the modeling, analysis
   and management of assurance cases.

- Application of formal techniques to the creation and analysis of

- Exploring relevant techniques for assurance cases for real-time,
   concurrent, and distributed systems.

- Assurance issues in emerging computational paradigms, e.g.,
   cloud, mobile, virtual, many-core architectures, and adaptive
   and autonomous systems.

- Representation of structured arguments through meta-models.

- Assurance of software quality attributes, e.g., safety,
   security and maintainability as well as dependability in
   general; exploring notions of quality of assurance cases.

- Domain-specific assurance issues, in domains such as aerospace,
   automotive, healthcare, defense and power.

- Reuse and modularization contracts and patterns for improving
   the reuse of assurance case structures.

- Connections between the Goal Structuring Notation for assurance
   cases and goal-orientation from the requirements engineering

Papers should conform to the formatting guidelines
and be no more than 6 pages long.

Instructions for submission are available on ASSURE 2013 website

Accepted papers will be published in the ICSE 2013 electronic
proceedings. Authors of best papers will be invited to submit
extended versions for publication in an edited book.


Paper submission      : February 7, 2013
Author notification   : February 28, 2013
Camera ready copy due : March 7, 2013.
Workshop              : May 19, 2013.

Ewen Denney       SGT / NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Ibrahim Habli     University of York, UK
Tim Kelly         University of York, UK
John Knight       University of Virginia, USA
Ganesh Pai        SGT / NASA Ames Research Center, USA

Robin Bloomfield   CSR City University London, UK
Luke Emmet         Adelard, UK
Richard Hawkins    University of York, UK
Kelly Hayhurst     NASA Langley Research Center, USA
Michael Holloway   NASA Langley Research Center, USA
Daniel Jackson     MIT, USA
Insup Lee          University of Pennsylvania, USA
Peter Lindsay      University of Queensland, Australia
Nikolai Mansourov  KDM Analytics, USA
Robert Martin      MITRE, USA
Yutaka Matsuno     Nagoya University, Japan
Roger Rivett       Jaguar Land Rover, UK
Christel Seguin    ONERA, France
Kenji Taguchi      AIST, Japan
Fredrik Toerner    Volvo Car Corp. and Chalmers University, Sweden
David Ward         MIRA Ltd, UK
Alan Wassyng       McMaster University, Canada
Robert Weaver      AirServices Australia, Australia
Charles Weinstock  SEI, USA

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