[TYPES/announce] Research Positions at Kestrel Institute

Alessandro Coglio coglio at kestrel.edu
Wed Jan 9 01:46:07 EST 2013

Research Positions at Kestrel Institute

Kestrel Institute has several openings for computer science researchers 
in the
broad topics of formal methods, program verification, software 
synthesis, and
computer security.

Areas that are of interest include:

  - Tools and methods for producing software that is known/proved to be 
    and secure

  - Developing high-level, rigorous specifications/models and validating 
    using provers/solvers

  - Formalizing design and implementation knowledge (e.g., as libraries of
    refinements and program transformations) and generating high-quality 
    that satisfies security and correctness properties

  - Analyzing specifications, transformations, and code for security and

  - Developing high-assurance plans and schedules

Candidates should have a strong background in computer science, 
preferably at
the Master's or Ph.D. level (or equivalent experience).

Experience with one or more of the following is desirable: formal logic, 
provers, formal specification systems, formal verification, functional
programming languages, program transformation systems, or SAT/SMT solvers.

Candidates should have strong implementation skills and a willingness to 
to new application domains. Domains that are currently of interest include
planning and scheduling, network operations, smart cards, Java analysis, 
management, synthetic diversity, computer and network security, security and
communication protocols, embedded controllers, and malware detection.

Kestrel Institute is a non-profit research center. Our website, 
describes our research. We offer competitive salaries and excellent
benefits. All of our researchers are offered opportunities to take on 
leadership roles, if so inclined.

U.S. citizenship is a plus.

Resumes may be submitted by email, fax, or mail to:
Reference: Computer Scientist Position
Kestrel Institute
3260 Hillview Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Fax: 650-424-1807
Email:careers at kestrel.edu

Principals only, and no phone calls please.

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