[TYPES/announce] Career opportunities at BBN -- quantum computer science

Richard Lazarus rlazarus at bbn.com
Tue Feb 5 10:15:32 EST 2013

At BBN, we have job opportunities in quantum computer science related to 
language system development and information theory. Depending on the 
candidate's skill mix, they would have opportunities to work on quantum 
programming languages and tools as well as make information theory 
contributions to other research projects. We would also consider funding 
post-docs who would have an interest in a BBN position in the future.

BBN is seeking candidates with interest and expertise in language 
systems and quantum information science. We are conducting research in 
the area of quantum programming languages, quantum compilers and circuit 
optimization, and quantum algorithms and error correction. This work 
focuses on designing a high-level programming language to describe 
quantum algorithms (both quantum and classical), and this language would 
have to be "quantum safe," in the sense that it should not allow for any 
non-physical quantum operations to be described. This work could include 
implementing compiler operations such as symbolic optimization of the 
algorithm implementation, synthesis to quantum circuits, and aids to 
support the programmer. In addition, the candidate would preferably have 
interest and expertise in one or more other quantum information theory 
topics – including quantum algorithms, error correction, communications, 
and optics – or in other exotic language/compiler systems such as those 
for synthetic biology. The candidate will join a highly entrepreneurial 
group exploiting quantum phenomena to advance computation, 
communications and sensing and have an opportunity to support a variety 
of experimental and theoretical projects. Our recent publications 
(www.bbn.com/technology/quantum/pubs) provide an indication of the 
impact of our work on the field of quantum information science.

One can view the full position description here:

Richard Lazarus
Quantum Information Processing Group
Raytheon BBN Technologies
10 Moulton St., Cambridge, MA 02138

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