[TYPES/announce] Final announcement (with programme): Workshop on Algebra, Coalgebra and Topology

Cai Wingfield c.a.j.wingfield at bath.ac.uk
Fri Feb 22 14:02:27 EST 2013


            Workshop on Algebra, Coalgebra and Topology
                (part of the Wessex Theory Seminar)

                        University of Bath

                        Friday 1 March 2013


The Technische Universitaet Dresden is one of the world's leading centres in
clone theory. An abstract clone, with nullary operations, is a mild rephrasing
of what category theorists call a Lawvere theory. They are also equivalent to
finitary monads, but the equivalence with the latter is far more than mild

The notions of abstract clone and Lawvere theory have been developed for
several decades largely independently of each other. Much of the development of
Lawvere theories has been done in the UK, in recent years primarily in
association with the University of Cambridge. Duality has been studied for
both, with notions such as coclone, comodel and coalgebra prominent. Both have
interacted with computer science, and both have involved relationships with

Several of the key researchers in the two fields will meet for a workshop at
the University of Bath on Friday 1 March. Before lunch, Mike Behrisch,
Sebastian Kerkhoff and Martin Schneider from Dresden will speak on clone
theory, explaining the background and current research, with a view towards
categories. After lunch, Jiri Adamek and Martin Hyland will speak from a
category theoretic perspective; and late in the afternoon, we will have talks
more broadly about the topic from Nicolai Vorobjov, Uday Reddy, James Davenport
and Sam Staton.

We would like to invite others to participate too. If you are interested in
coming, please contact Cai Wingfield (C.A.J.Wingfield at bath.ac.uk).

Website: http://go.bath.ac.uk/wessex20


10:30 - 11:00 Mike Behrisch "A gentle introduction to clones, their Galois
theory, and applications"

11:00 - 11:30 Sebastian Kerkhoff "(Concrete) clones and Pol-Inv vs (Models of)
Lawvere theories and ???"

11:30 - 12:00 Martin Schneider "Clones and invariant relations in categories"

1:30 - 2:15 Jiri Adamek "Nondeterministic Closure Automata"

2:15 - 3:00 Martin Hyland "Algebraic theories: a general bicategorical approach"

3:30 - 4:00 Nicolai Vorobjov "Monotone functions and maps"

4:00 - 4:30 Uday Reddy "Automata theory for program semantics"

4:30 - 5:00 James Davenport "What can algebra tell us about pedagogical

5:00 - 5:30 Sam Staton "Abstract clones enriched in presheaf categories"

Abstracts can be viewed on the website for the event

VENUE: The meeting will be held in the (very pleasant) department lounge of the
Department of Computer Science, East Building, University of Bath

By lucky coincidence, the Bath Literature Festival (http://bathlitfest.org.uk)
and Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival (http://bristoljazzandbluesfest.com/) will
both be happening on the 1st and the days following.

REGISTRATION FEE: There is no registration fee, but the meeting will be held on
a pay-your-own-everything basis. We will show you suitable places for morning
and afternoon teas and for lunch, either sit-down or take-away.

TRAVEL FUNDING: The workshop will be part of the Wessex Theory Seminar, so
there is a (very) small amount of travel funding available to those people
working at Wessex sites go.bath.ac.uk/wessex20. If you would like to apply for
it, please email Guy McCusker (G.A.McCusker at bath.ac.uk).

ACCOMMODATION: Few people are likely to need accommodation for a one-day
meeting, but if you do and need help, please contact us, although you can
probably find it as easily on the web as we can, for instance via
http://visitbath.co.uk/. You are strongly advised to book accommodation soon,
as the Bath Literature Festival starts that day and much of the accommodation
we normally recommend is already sold out. Participants might also be
interested in the Bristol Jazz Festival, which runs 1-3 May: Bristol is a short
train ride from Bath.

PROCEEDINGS: We plan to publish an ENTCS post-proceedings of the workshop if we
receive a reasonable number of high quality submissions of relevant articles.
We can discuss details at the time. The one caveat is that Elsevier now charges
$50/paper for publishing in ENTCS, which we may need to pass on to successful

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