[TYPES/announce] The EAPLS 2012 PhD Award goes to ... Delphine Démange

Arend Rensink rensink at cs.utwente.nl
Thu Mar 21 11:27:26 EDT 2013

... for her thesis on "Semantic Foundations of Intermediate Program 

It is with great pleasure that we can announce Delphine as the winner of 
the PhD Award over 2012 of the European Association for Programming 
Languages and Systems. Our heartfelt congratulations!

The thesis, carried out at INRIA and supervised by Thomas Jensen, was 
selected as the best among those submitted by a panel of 30 experts from 
all across Europe, and lauded for its innovation, impact and writing, 
and for its combination of theory and practice. The submission and 
selection procedure can be found at http://eapls.org/pages/phd_award.

Some quotes from the experts' reports:

"This outstanding thesis is written in an accurate and friendly way, it 
is a real pleasure to read. It shows that Delphine Demange excels both 
in foundational research and in engineering design."

"The thesis has not only a solid theoretic base, but also an important 
practical significance"

"This is an outstanding thesis in the very innovative and 
forward-pointing area of formal modelling of compilation and 
intermediate languages."

"This foundational thesis reports on excellent scientific work which is 
of great importance for computer science."

On behalf of the EAPLS,
Arend Rensink

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