[TYPES/announce] IWC 2013 & CoCo 2013: Call for Participation and Provers

Nao Hirokawa hirokawa at jaist.ac.jp
Fri Apr 5 04:40:37 EDT 2013

This is a joint call for papers and provers for IWC 2013 and CoCo 2013.
The confluence competition (CoCo) will run on StarExec during IWC 2013.
                        Third Call for Papers                    
                              IWC 2013                          
               2nd International Workshop on Confluence
               28 June 2013, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
                       collocated with RDP 2013

Recently there is a renewed interest in confluence research, resulting
in new techniques, tool support as well as new applications.  The
workshop aims at promoting further research in confluence and related
properties.  The workshop is collocated with the 7th International
Conference on Rewriting, Deduction, and Programming (RDP 2013).  
During the workshop the 2nd Confluence Competition (CoCo 2013) takes

 * submission     April 15, 2013
 * notification   May   10, 2013
 * final version  June   3, 2013
 * workshop       June  28, 2013 

The workshop solicits short papers/extended abstracts on the following
 * confluence and related properties (unique normal forms, commutation,
   ground confluence)
 * completion
 * critical pair criteria
 * decidability issues
 * complexity issues
 * system descriptions
 * certification
 * applications of confluence

 * Patrick Dehornoy     University of Caen
 * Jan Willem Klop      Vrije Universiteit 
     (joint invited speaker for IWC 2013 and WIR 2013)

 * Guillem Godoy        Technical University of Catalonia
 * Nao Hirokawa         JAIST                             (co-chair)
 * Barbara Koenig       Universitaet Duisburg-Essen
 * Vincent van Oostrom  Utrecht University                (co-chair)
 * Michio Oyamaguchi    Nagoya University
 * Harald Zankl         University of Innsbruck
 * Hans Zantema         Eindhoven University of Technology

We solicit short papers or extended abstracts of at most five pages.
There will be no formal reviewing.  In particular, we welcome short
versions of recently published articles and papers submitted elsewhere.
The program committee checks relevance and may provide additional
feedback.  The accepted papers will be made available electronically
before the workshop.

The page limit for papers is 5 pages in EasyChair style.  Submission 
will be via EasyChair at


                       Second Call for Provers
                             CoCo 2013                         
                     2nd Confluence Competition

Recently, several new implementations of confluence tools are reported
and interest for proving/disproving confluence "automatically" has been
grown. The confluence competition aims to foster the development of
techniques for proving/disproving confluence automatically by a dedicated
competition among such tools.

The 2nd Confluence Competition (CoCo 2013) will run ***live*** during the
2nd International Workshop on Confluence (IWC 2013), which is collocated
with the 7th International Conference on Rewriting, Deduction, and
Programming (RDP 2013) in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In this competition
categories for
 * first-order term rewrite systems
 * certification
will be run. The problems considered for CoCo 2013 are selected from
Cops, a collection of confluence problems. Problems submitted after the
problem selection deadline will not be considered for the competition.

 * requests for new categories         March 1, 2013 (passed)
 * announcement of execution platform  April 1, 2013 (passed)
 * tool registration                   June 10, 2013 
 * tool submission                     June 20, 2013
 * problem selection                   June 25, 2013
 * competition                         June 28, 2013

CoCo 2013 will run on StarExec (http://starexec.org) a high-end
cross-community competition platform. Tool submission is via this

Registration will be via the email address:

  coco-sc [AT] jaist.ac.jp

Every tool registration should also contain a one page system description
highlighting the distinctive features of the prover. For more information
including competition rules and confluence problems, see


 * Takahito Aoto      Tohoku University       
 * Nao Hirokawa       JAIST
 * Harald Zankl       University of Innsbruck (chair)

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