[TYPES/announce] 2nd Awareness Summer School (AWASS 2013) on Self-Awareness and Autonomic Computing

Andrea Vandin andrea.vandin at imtlucca.it
Wed Apr 17 11:18:26 EDT 2013

The 2nd Awareness Summer School (AWASS 2013)
IMT Institute for Advanced Studies
Lucca, Italy
June 24-28, 2013

The 2nd Awareness Summer School is aimed at graduate/PhD students, and
researchers from different disciplines, this summer school will cover
theoretical, practical, and technological issues related to autonomic
self-awareness and its various facets.

The school is organized by the Awareness Coordination Action (CA), that
supports research under the FP7 FET Proactive Initiative, in particular
within the research projects ASCENS (Autonomic Service-Component
Ensembles), EPICS ( Engineering Proprioception in Computing Systems),
ORGANIC COMPUTING (Organic Computing Initiative), RECOGNITION (Relevance
and cognition for self-awareness in a content-centric Internet), SAPERE
(Self-aware Pervasive Service Ecosystems), SYMBRION (Symbiotic Evolutionary
Robot Organisms), and CoCoRo (Collective Cognitive Robots)


Alan Winfield, UWE Bristol
Why Robots may need to be self-aware, before we can really trust them

Martin Wirsing, LMU Munich
Towards Systematically Engineering Ensemble

Peter Lewis, University of Birmingham
Types of Computational Self-awareness and How We Might Implement Them

Mark Read, University of York
Capturing the Immune System: From the wet-lab to the robot, building better
quality immune-inspired engineering solutions

René Doursat, Drexel University
Morphogenetic Engineering: Reconciling Architecture and Self-Organization
Through Programmable Complex Systems

Case studies
Students will develop four case studies covering state of the art autonomic
systems technologies.

Computational Self-awareness in Smart-Camera Networks
mentored by Lukas Esterle and Peter Lewis, University of Birmingham

Underwater search and rescue using a swarm of robots
mentored by Mark Read, University of York

Robot Swarms as Ensembles of Cooperating Components
mentored by Annabelle Klarl and Martin Wirsing, LMU Munich

Ensemble-oriented programming of self-adaptive systems
mentored by Michele Loreti, University of Florence

PhD Doctoral Forum
The PhD forum is an opportunity for participants to present and discuss
their work in a supportive environment, with other PhD students and experts
in the field

Other Activities
* PhD poster session
* Plenty of opportunity for mentoring activities
* Team presentations and feedback

The small registration fee (130 British pounds, around 150 euros) includes:
* access to all summer school lectures and tutorials;
* all presentation slides;
* lunches and coffee breaks;
* summer school social events.

Registrations will be considered on a first-come, first serve manner.

Please register as soon as possible here:

Program coordinators
Nivea Ferreira and Mark Hoogendoorn, VU Amsterdam

Local organizers
Alberto Lluch Lafuente and Andrea Vandin IMT Institute for Advanced Studies
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