[TYPES/announce] Summer School on Linear Logic and Geometry of Interaction (27-31 August, Turin)

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                      Turin, 27-31 August 2013


The summer school on Linear Logic and Geometry of Interaction will be
held in Turin from August 27th to August 31st, 2013, as satellite event
to CSL 2013.

The aim of the school is to offer a comprehensive view of the research
topics surrounding linear logic, with attention to its main applications
to proof theory and computer science. The intended audience are graduate
students (master, PhD), post-doctoral researchers and academics working
in Computer Science or Mathematics.

The school lasts 5 days and will consist of:
  * introductory tutorials covering basic material;
  * technical lectures on advanced issues, perspectives, and 
    state-of-the-art research.

The introductory tutorials are concentrated primarily on the first 2
days. The aim is to offer a thorough initiation to the subject, which
will be supported each day by a session of supervised exercises, to
allow understanding and familiarization with the technical material via
an hands-on approach.

A series of lectures by Jean-Yves Girard will present the most recent
developments of the Geometry of Interaction programme. The new approach
to Geometry of Interaction and to the treatment of Proof Nets is
denominated ``Transcendental Syntax''; the presentation of the technical
development will shed light on methodological issues and perspectives
for Proof Theory.


  * Introduction to Linear Logic
  * Proof Nets
  * Geometry of Interaction
  * Game Semantics
  * Polarities in Proof Theory and Programming
  * Denotational and Quantitative Semantics
  * Light Logics and Implicit Computational Complexity


The school is able to offer financial support to students and early
career researchers; the support covers the registration fee with full
board accommodation in double room. Travel to Turin remains at the
charge of the participants (but could also be covered in special cases,
please specify).To apply for a grant, please send an email with some
details on your status and cursus to
logoi-school at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr


Claudia Faggian (CNRS-Paris7, Paris)
Myriam Quatrini (IML, Marseille)
Olivier Laurent (CNRS-ENS, Lyon)
Damiano Mazza (CNRS-Paris13, Paris)
Alexis Saurin (CNRS-Paris7, Paris)

Contact: logoi-school at pps.univ-paris-diderot.fr

Information on programme, registration, grants:


Students and early career researchers, 
application deadline (for financial support): May 18, 2013

Registration deadline: June 15, 2013

School: August 27–August 31, 2013

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