[TYPES/announce] A post-doc position in logic, proof theory and semantics

Didier Galmiche Didier.Galmiche at loria.fr
Sat May 4 06:01:18 EDT 2013

                             A Post-Doc position
                    within the ANR project "DynRes"

A post-doc position is available at LORIA, Nancy, France in logic, proof
theory and semantics, supported by the ANR DynRes project

  "Dynamic Resources and Separation and Update Logics"

held by a group of three teams of researchers of three French laboratories
of computer science, the IRIT in Toulouse, the LORIA in Nancy and the LSV
in Paris (ENS Cachan).
More information on the ANR DynRes is available at


The successful candidate will be working within the TYPES team at LORIA and
will have access to the resources of the team through the ANR DynRes.


The scientific goal of the project consists in investigating logics that 
with resources and dynamic properties of resources, like for example
variants of separation logic.

The postdoc will be to carry out research within the project DynRes by 
on some topics. For instance, the candidate could work on the study of 
the links
between various resource logics using tools like translations, 
embeddings, etc.
But other topics of the DynRes project are open to candidates.
Any questions are welcome on this matter.


Requirements are a PhD degree in Computer Science or Mathematics and a 
background in some of the following topics:
- formal logic (non-classical, sub-structural, modal, ...)
- proof theory (sequents, tableaux, natural deduction ...)
- logical semantics (translations, embeddings, bisimulations ...)
- computability theory (decidability, complexity ...)


The position is for one year with a starting date between September and 
2013. The position holder will work in the TYPES team at LORIA and will 
be paid
by the University of Lorraine. The monthly salary will be around 2000 
euros free
of charge.


The deadline for application is June 15th, 2013, but an email to inform 
about the
intention of application is welcome as soon as possible.

Applications should be sent in electronic form, including a CV, 
publication list,
title and summary of the PhD, reports on the PhD if available, a 
research statement
with a short description of a scientific project (1-2 pages) related to 
the DynRes
project, and one or two recommendation letters.

They should be sent by email to either/both

- Didier Galmiche (galmiche at loria.fr)
- Dominique Larchey-Wendling (larchey at loria.fr)

Informal inquires by email are welcome.


- Intention of application (short email)    as soon as possible
- Deadline for application                      June 15th, 2013
- Suggested starting dates                      Sep.-Dec. 2013

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